Yet MORE problems

Over the past couple of days I’ve had a minor headache not all day but I’ve gone for a nap and then found it really difficult to wake up again from it… It’s like I can hear what’s going on around me but I can’t respond and I keep waking up slightly but can’t stay awake so I go back to sleep again and that happens for a while before I can actually become fully conscious again… And I get a pain in my head for a few minutes after I’ve woken up… Any one experience this?? I also feel really groggy and achey for a while after waking up too… Thanks for any input…

Hi there. I haven’t experienced this, but it sounds concerning to me and I would suggest contacting your doctor, and if you have a neurologist talk to them as well. The not being able to really awaken but being aware of what’s going on around you concerns me. Combining that with a headache worries me a bit. Best of luck!!