Life With Lupus



Hi guys, my name is @Mike and it’s a pleasure getting to go through some of your stories and being a Lupus supporter i feel encouraged knowing there are people here who are living each day at a time,not loosing hope ,so focused and not letting their condition define them and that’s the best thing… Just because you are going through a certain condition,just because it’s part of you doesn’t mean you are part of it. Back here in Kenya we have close to 2000 reported Lupus cases and that’s only in the urban areas meaning there are people who are in the rural areas who are not in a position to access proper medical care hence they end up suffering in silence and getting misdiagnosed. To the few who have already been diagnosed they live positively ,their shared experiences enable them have a positive view towards life since it takes someone who really understands your condition to know what it really takes to be strong,these people encourage one another,we organize for retreats whereby we come together as a family and just talk and share our experiences,some even end up sharing medicines since you find it’s becoming too overwhelming for them and this gives them a reason to face another day knowing there are other people like them out there who are still fighting all superior odds. So mine is just a word to all those going through chronic pain,all is not lost,hope is not lost,you are not alone,never let your situation define your destiny because you are meant for greatness,God didn’t bring you this far in vain you are a fighter,you are a conqueror and you are warrior and it is the duty of a warrior to fight all superior odds