Worried about my daughter and lupus.......am I being paranoid?

Hi again,

I have a 7 year old daughter who is normal height, weight etc and slightly above average intelligence. Lately she has been getting tons of mouth ulcers, suffering with headaches, joint aches and pains (I have put them down to growing pains), and when she has no socks on her feet are white and very cold. She also gets abnormally tired with dark rings around her eyes. She goes to bed every night at 8pm and is usually up at about 7, but lately I am having to wake her at 8 for school, at which point she is a total nightmare to get up and about. She moans about the pains when she wakes. She doesn't have swollen joints or anything.

I am frantically worried what this could mean for her, but I keep trying to ignore it reminding myself that anxiety is normal for me and I am imagining things. I would love some opinions on this and please feel free to tell me I am just a paranoid mother, I will not be offended in the least! lol! I do not tell her my symptoms when I have them by the way, other than the ulcers which I obviously cannot hide from her due to being unable to speak properly and the swelling. I also carry on like a 'normal' mum so don't rest in the day, go to bed early or anything. I try really hard to hide it all from them.

Also, I know it is not meant to be hereditary but auto immune diseases are rife in my family. My Grandad had MS, my Dad has chronic RA and me with the lupus.....

Thanks in advance.



It could be hereditary. At 7, is she just starting school full day? My daughter put herself to bed at 7pm, she was exhausted when she was that age. But the other symptoms, its better to be safe than sorry. A 7 year old shouldn't be having headaches.

How can we not be paranoid mothers??? I think that's normal, I don't want my daughter to go through this, any more than anyone else does.

Thank you! She started full time school at 4 so she is well used to it by now. I think I’ll take her to see the doc and get her eyes tested in case that’s causing the headaches.
Thanks again!
Lisa x

The mouth ulcers would be the first concern, it could be Thrash, it could be something she's eating, but it should be looked at. I don't think you're being paranoid, but a child shouldn't hurt.

Trust your instincts, and please let us know what you find out?

love ya, Trisha

Hi Trisha,

Thank you. It was the ulcers that alerted me too. I'm gonna get her to see our GP and mention it to my rheumy when I see her the end of November.

I will let you both know what is said.

Lisa x

Hi Lisa,

I inherited my Lupus besides other A1 Diseases overlapping autoimmune diseases off my parent/s and also my youngest sister and from the age of 5yrs old i was always freezing cold, i also had congestion of the lungs bad my eyes was black underneath like your daughter's and my mom was concerned like yourself but both my parents are dead now and don't even know about me and my sister...so years back she thought i had anaemia and had me tested it came back negative...for years i lived by a fire as soon as i saw one going.

I hope there's nothing wrong with your daughter but being as autoimmune diseases are in your family like mine...there might be a possiblity of her having a autoimmune disease....fingers crossed she as'nt.

All my love Terri xxx