Witnessed an Act of Kindness

I was shopping yesterday, and I walked up to an express checkout and I didn't notice her light was out until I was there. There were two ladies ahead of me, and the lady paying was having a difficult time with her card. She was in a store scooter, and her husband went off to find out what was wrong with the card I guess. While he did that, the lady directly in front of me swiped her card and paid for them : ) The lady in the scooter was so surprised, and we were all smiling! I told the lady directly in front of me that was a nice thing to do, totally spontaneous.

One act of kindness spread to 3 people - the cashier was happy, I was happy and the lady in the scooter was still shocked and happy. It could have turned out another way - its like my favorite quote " life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it"

My wish for my LWL family is to share love and peace with you today, and remember Our family members in the path of the Hurricane.


What a sweet story Tricia. Our world would be a better place if we looked for ways to be a blessing and helpful to others.

I have been thinking all day about our LWL members who live in the path of the storm....and praying for protection for them. The low barometric pressure will surely affect their illnesses and make life very difficult.

Just know our thoughts and prayer are with you all in the north east! Please keep safe!