Winded feeling

I switched to a new pulmonologist two months ago. He told me to call next time I was winded. I called yesterday and he saw me today. Breathing test and a desaturization test were normal; however I was
winded and the doctor heard
Wheezing in my upper chest. Asthma has been ruled out. I have been telling doctors that inhalers don’t help and I feel like I can’t get a good breath in. Breathing out is not an issue. The pulmonologist is sending me to a top otolaryngologist at Mt Sinai to see if I have vocal chord dysfunction. Reading up on hrs symptoms was a real eye opener. Boy it is a real possibility

I had the same thing and my pulmonary function tests came out fine. In Jan. Of 2013 I was very short of breath…would run out of breath when I was talking and my sentence would go silent! Looking back…I must’ve been in a flare (not knowing I had Lupus at the time) I was out of shape and not exercising because I always felt rotten. That summer I was about ready to die after climbing a few flights of stairs. This year I have tried to exercise more…doing “something.” Whether it’s coincidence or something else, things have progressed and it’s much better. I do breathe a little heavy when I’m walking up a hill or doing something strenuous…but as I’ve said, much improved. I hope they can pinpoint what it is with you. It’s not a comfortable feeling…especially not knowing.


You got me thinking. I haven't seen a pulmonologist yet. I'v gone thru pulmonary testing this past monday. I haven't heard the results yet. I walkup one flight of stairs and I am out of breath. It's almost like I am weak. I don't have breathing issues or wheezin. I have had a cough since I got back from Vegas in March and I get larangytis occasionally. Have had cardiac workup and 2 chest xrays. PCP says lungs are clear so it must be further up. You say vocal cord. dysfunction and that seems to make sense for me Please keep me posted.


I never ever thought of the vocal cords . My shortness of breath is caused by many things depending on the time it happens. It has been caused by second hand smoke lung damage, asthma, cardiac issues, and panic attacks. Its nice to know that there could be another cause when not having any of those.

I too have shortness of breath quit often. I see my doctor today and I'm going to bring up the vocal cord aspect with him as well as my belly button popping out more lately. I'm thinking it might be herniated?

Here is a description of vocal chord dysfunction

Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) is a syndrome that causes asthma-like symptoms as a result of abnormal closure of the vocal cords. Symptoms may include “wheezing,” shortness of breath, and chest or neck tightness. VCD can closely mimic asthma, so much so that this syndrome has also been called vocal cord asthma. Asthma medications have no effect on VCD, so people with this condition may have been to the emergency room many times and given asthma medications, including oral corticosteroids, without relief of their symptoms.