Will I ever get a diagnosis?!

I am 34 y/o RN with 4 children ( 11months, 2 , 11,and 13) I have always worked night shift and never used a sitter. I have always been healthy and strong UNTIL 2 months ago. I became so exhausted that I would fall asleep in the middle of watching my kids, became achy, weak, lost my appetite- went from 118lbs to 102 in 2 wks., my hair started falling out, I became depressed, Pain became unbearable in my legs, I felt and still feel like I am dying. I had a low positive ANA of 1:80 two times and my WBC count dropped to 4.4 which doc thinks is no big deal. My reumatologist just put me on plaquenil, BUT it seems like it is only to shut me up. All other lab draws came up negative. She acts like I am a hypochondriac and that since my ANA is “borderline” and I don’t have other positive labs that - there is no diagnosis. I feel like I am losing a battle with my body and mind!!! I’m starting to wonder myself if I am crazy! HELP

You r not crazy. It took about 2 years for me to finally be diagnosed. Blood tests would come back differing each time. I finally found a Reumy that would work with me, I found him through my primary, becaus they had enough of seeing me. he finally found that I had lupus, although 3 years later my blood tests still differ each time. Seek another doctor. Look on the Internet for reviews of docs, get your primary to take blood a couple times till someone finally gives u the answer. It’s ok to rest, overlook some dust n ask for help, doesn’t make u weak, makes u take care of yourself so u can b here lOng term for your children. My teens hate helPing but they have to. Seek n u will find! Take care of yourself!