What warrants a call to the doctor?

i was diagnosed a few weeks ago. I'm wondering what warrants a call to the doctor? I'm not sure if i have the flu or my flare is getting worse.

even if this doesn't warrant a call what does,

When I was first diagnosed, my rheum told me to call him if I started having any new problems/symptoms and if there were any side effects from the medications.

Over time you will learn because everyone's bodies react differently.For Myself I always call my

on call nurse(800 #) though my insurance company when its medication related.If you ever have chest pain anything to do with breathing its always to be taken seriously .With flu symtoms I use ice packs to cool off,sometimes that will help fever and flares too. .Staying calm does help the stress on the nervous system can make it worse sometimes.Just sharing a few things that help me. Hope you find some relief..!

Any symptom that is new and bad enough to disrupt your daily life, and especially any severe pain, it needs to be evaluated and treated.

Well you have to kinda know your own body. If you get to the point where you are feeling week feverish and you cannot move,then you might wanna check.. You may have to up your dose of meds. Make sure to stay hydrated.Get plenty of rest.

cbk42, Anything that upsets your daily routine needs to be addressed. We've been passing the flu around my house for three weeks. This is a fairly bad strain of flu and rebounds on you. Take care of yourself rest, when you need to, and definately stay hydrated. i've found that freeze pops for the kids go down well. Of course chicken soup, canned or homemade is great, and I make Ginger and Lemon teato help settle my stomac. Feel better my friend.

Be blessed,


i say also fever 101 or higher...i often run 100 ' fevers..low grade are normal with SLE so i do not call for those.

I tell those that are new to just try and keep journal...patients like me will send you daily how you feel so you can just answer it daily from your email. Plus it list many other things so you can keep complete records....here is link http://www.patientslikeme.com

But takes a year or two really get how you will be affected, so give yourself time, try not to worry too much though it is hard, grieve about lost of your health...

Most of all, if you ever just have gut feeling something is wrong but no fever or nothing really showing wrong trust that and call your doctor or go in.....odds are something is wrong has been my experience.

I never read the side effects the first two weeks of new meds...i think sometimes sets you up to have them....after few weeks than i read them all. I think ideas others have said are excellent.

Just be kind to yourself, rest and i hope you love to read!!