What to do for swollen fingers!

help… my fingers are swollen constantly!! what can i do for them? it doesnt help its really cold where i live… also what can i eat and or drink to gain some energy?


Have you heard of compression gloves? I wear them if I don't have my hands in water and they help to keep the swelling in check. I am wondering if you are taking medication that warns of that being a side affect? Perhaps you should mention it to your doctor.

It was mentioned on another discussion regarding lack of energy. Talk to your doctor to make sure you do not have deficiency of certain vitamins and iron in your body. And be sure you are hydrating and drinking plenty of fluids. I drink veggie and fruit smoothies that help me feel better. Other factors enter into feeling as if you have no energy - hormonal, lupus, fibro, lack of being active, etc.. Trust you feel better soon.

Yes the gloves and some doctors give you water reduction pills but so far they do not really help in my case. I place in ice or snow till numb...seriously...and just do not type or write much since it makes it worse.

I am sorry...also if walk a lot...using cane or those hiking staffs/canes help since you can put your hands up higher...any hiker, long walker has known about swollen fingers even healthy people.

It does hurt and makes doing simple things very hard...i am so sorry. Makes sure you keep record and give your doctor so do something for you or even some doctors have passed out compression gloves to their patients. GOOD luck..

I have gotten swollen fingers and they have also become trigger fingers…dr has me on piroixcam and then may get a shot of cortisone in the palms. She says the finger issue–and it is specific fingers not all of them–are from overuse. Guess as I write this I realize mine is not the same issue…but I do know that the swelling and intense pain is miserable and we use our hands for everything. Makes me keenly aware of how important our hands are. I hope your concern is relieved very soon. Best wishes, Sarah

For energy, I really think taking apple cider vinegar helps. I take the Braggs organice from Walmart. I do a tablespoon in the morning in a cup of water. Sometimes I do the energy drink recipe on the bottle of Braggs. The recipe I chose uses black strap molasses mixed with vinegar. It takes a month or so as natural things do take a while.

How does the Apple cider vinegar taste?

Sorry to hear about fingers. Lower sodium n salt rub with bio flex it’s a roll on. Cold compress but I find heat helps too. For mental fatigue rodiolla ? (spelling). Health food stores have this. I started jasuru 5 weeks ago n it has helped me tremendously with energy. But it’s pricey. Get your vitamin levels checked with doc n go from there. Also exercise, the first couple of days it’s exhausting but then you’ll find it gives u energy. Best of luck!

The compression gloves are great. I sleep in them, which helps keep the overnight swelling down. When I get up I use a shower message, and turn the water as hot as I can stand, then target my hurting areas (fingers, feet, knees, shoulders, hips). I feel that this increases the blood flow to those areas. After this, I do slow easy finger stretches. I know when swelling hurts you don't naturally want to use your hands, but remember, using muscles is how our body moves fluids and sediments from our extremities back to our major organs to be filtered. I hope this helps. This is what I have learned after 30 years of dealing with Lupus...

Ditto on the compression gloves. Also, ask your doc if any of your meds could be causing it. And sometimes prescription strength anti-inflammatories or diuretics need to be used.

Hi, when my fingers do this i massage them !!! that might sound crazie , but it work for me . if you are able to take bayer asprin that might also work . if you take calcium with viatim D, that work . hope that this help you some -smile make appointment with your doctor as soon as you can...Beverly L.