What effects have you experienced with plaquenil

I just started plaquenil about 4 days ago. I read the drug information sheet on side effects, but I have not really had any of the usual side effects. Yesterday I became extremely weak in my arms and legs. I had to leave work early and my husband had to come get me. I called my rhumey and he had never had a patient react to it that way. He thinks it may be the flexeril. Today I feel even worse. Now my muscles are sore on have sores in my mouth. Not sure if I’m flaring it reacting to meds. Does it get worse before it gets better? What are y’alls experience with plaquenil?

I got on it about 3 weeks ago and have had no side effects hope your’s go away soon :wink:

Well Flexeril will make you feel weak and the more you take the worse you feel- some people can barely get out of bed when taking it Sore muscles and sores in the mouth can happen with lupus as in a flare - could be a lot of different reasons hope you feel better soon

Your mouth sores, weakness and pain are almost certainly a lupus flare and have nothing to do with plaquenil. Plaquenil takes several months to take full effect, but when it does, your flares will likely be fewer and less severe. If I miss taking my plaquenil now I'm in big trouble... I end up in the worst flare ever. Please keep taking it!

Feel better soon!


I had great luck with it. However, it did cause retina damage after 10 years. I am off and I can not tell any difference at all

No problems with plaquenil at all. I take 200 mg 2 x day.

I have taken Plaquenil for 3 years now. Have experienced none of the side effects you mentioned. My flares have reduced infrequency and intensity since being on the drug.

The only side effect I’ve noticed from Plaquenil is a lot of gas… Annoying but tolerable

I’ve been on it for 3 years and it is great. Takes 2-3 months to feel a difference. Your sounds like a flare to me. Give it a chance to take hold.

I agree with the other replies. I have been on Plaquenil for 4 years with no ill effects. It certainly has helped reduce the quantity and intensity of the flares. I get mouth sores that are totally unrelated to the Plaquenil but to the disease itself as well as muscle soreness and weakness related to the disease itself rather than the Plaquenil. I think if you can work through this flare and stay with the Plaquenil, you might get some great results as well. I wouldn’t give up on it just yet. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

I have been on the Plaquenil for almost 2 months now and it is finally starting to help some. I am not in as much pain and the fatigue is a little better. The only side effect I had, or think I had because not sure if it was from the lupus or not, was headaches. I would definitely give the plaquenil more time and check into the effects from the muscle relaxant. Also with the plaquneil be sure to not take it around the same time as PPI's like prilosec. The inhabit the absorption of the plaquenil. They should be seperated by 4 hrs. When I made this change, after 5 weeks of taking them closer, I finally felt like the plaquenil was doing something. Good luck and keep us posted!

I agree I’ve been on it for two yrs

I haven’t had those experiences w plaquenil but I had enough side affects that I was taken off of it. Lupus can affect your limbs. Muscles and joints. I feel like sometimes my arms and legs are so heavy that I just stay in bed. Comes with the territory. Flexeril is a muscle relaxer but should not cause pain. Call the dr again n you be your own advocate

I started Plaquenil about 7 weeks ago. I startedd with 2 pills a day and I was extremely nauseated so the dr cut me back to 1 pill day. I have gradually worked up to 2 pills a day. The only thing I noticed is it made me itchy. I too felt very weak while I was nauseated at the begining. Some of it was nerves and anxiety not the Plaquenil. Be patient, stay calm and I hope this info helps.


Yep, its a flare. So damn tired and hurt all over. I have not done much of anything but rest and I'm still exhausted. Need to ask the pharmacist to put my meds in a n easy to open bottle. Yuck this sucks!