Went shopping :)

It's raining and the pollen has been terrible around here so I haven't been feeling so great. I was supposed to study today, but I went shopping instead. Haha. I hit the jackpot! Or so I think.

I went to Marshall's. I got myself a black and white dress by Nine West for $39 (originally $99). Then I got hubby an entire outfit! I got him a pair of nice summer dress khakis for $16! They were originally $65. And I got him a light button down shirt to go with the khakis. Calvin Klein, originally $65 and I got it for $29. Plus I got some pomegranate tea bags which smell wonderful and I can't wait to try tonight. Oh, and a new journal/notebook for church. Yes, I take notes at church. I know, I'm a dork.

Hubby needs the outfit badly though because he has to have something to wear under his graduation gown, plus stuff for job fairs/interviews (which I hope he gets a call for one soon... it's getting stressful), and I plan to take him out somewhere nice to celebrate his graduation. He really worked hard and I'm very proud of him.

Oh! And I saw these manly geography themed, blank cards that I thought were perfect for him so I got those for him for a gift (either b-day or graduation). They're cool! They have maps and compasses on them and they're tea stained so they look old.

I am so glad you had a nice day out shopping! It sounds like you found some great deals! You go Girl!