Weird, scarey episode

So this morning was like any other morning. Nothing different. But about 45 minutes after I had gotten up, I started to feel weird. Started to get tunnel vision, felt very weak, extremely nauseous, started dry heaving, and broke out in a profuse sweat. Drenched from head to toe. I layed down for awhile because I felt extrely washed out and then it went away as quickly as it came. What the heck was that?

I’ve had those exact same episodes many, many times only it is usually accompanied by a severe blinding headache and would last for hours. I have to go to bed whenever I get them. My doctor told me to come in next time it happens. I did (which was not an easy thing to do, I was so sick) and he ran some blood work. When the results came back he said my ANA and sedimentation rate were higher than usual. I’m glad yours did not last long. I know how miserable it is. Love the picture of your dog. He’s beautiful. I have a Doberman too. He’s my big baby. Fantastic with the kids. Loyal, lovable and very intelligent.

I didn’t really have a a headache. Felt like I was going to pass out. Very scarey. It’s happened before. I had the car running to take my daughter to the bus stop. She had to walk. There was no way I could drive.

My dog Zeus is my baby. He will be 3 on Sunday. He’s the best!! My husband wanted a Dobie for years. I finally gave in. He’s supposed to be “my husband’s dog”… Yea right! He’s my boy, follows me everywhere. So loyal. I never had a big dog like him (and he’s big …100lbs). I’m sold for life. I love him more than I should probably …lol. I don’t know where the whole viscous persona thing came into play. He’s the biggest baby ever!

for me, it can be just about anything; but i also have other autoimmunes, including problem of Addisons Disease: low BP. heartbeat, need meclizine for dizziness, zofran for nausea, and until Proteinuria also joined my list, I could add Advil if headache was part of it. I often fall deeply asleep with these episodes, but only for moments that seem like hours when I awake. Good Luck. Feel better. burtiebee

A long time ago a couple years before being diagnosed with my lupus, I had the exact symptoms. Never was able to find out what caused it. Sorry to hear you experienced the same thing. Pretty scary!

It sounds like it could have been an atypical migraine, hypotension (like someone else mentioned) hypoglycemia, or did you stop a medication suddenly or forget one for a few days? If it happens again, keep track of how long it lasts, all of your symptoms, time of day, whether or not you took any medication prior to the event, if you ate anything, and any similarity to the previous episode. I would mention it to your PCP. If you see spots or have any other visual disturbances go to the ER. It could be nothing or something that requires immediate attention. Either way, I would want to know if it were me. Jeanne

Sometimes if you get up to quickly your blood pressure can cause something like that to happen also. It is usually low and you may need to get up slowly.

This happens to me, too, and I have wondered what it is. I have blamed it on my type 2 diabetes, but think maybe it is something else.


Sounds like my episodes of low blood pressure or low blood sugar. For me it happens with both. I keep salt by my bed and take some to raise my blood pressure, and check my sugar. If it's low I have glucose tablets or even half a can of pop or milk will raise it.

The exact same thing happened to me. Except I didn’t make it back to the bed. I fainted and while falling hit my right foot against a door frame and broke a chunk off the bottom of my fibula, the big protrusion at your ankle. I took mine down by half. Husband rushed me to ER and blood work showed dangerously low potassium which caused an arrhythmia. My heart was literally having trouble pumping blood. Now we check potassium every month and I take 10 mg of potassium twice a day. This happened about 9 months ago and it hadn’t happened again until yesterday when I started working out again. I upped to 25 mg and that helped a lot. Good luck figuring this out but blood sugar and electrolytes are good places to start.

Sounds like a blood pressure spike or an exreme drop in blood sugar. Either way, I'd say it was worth mentioning to your PCP.

Definitely worth seeing the doc about sooner rather than later. Many of us, especially if we have organ involvement or nephritis, take bp meds daily. Because the kidneys control b.p. it's not uncommon to have it become too low on certain days. Potassium is definitely another possibility, again if you have any organ involvement.

Please, see your Rheumy asap.

Big hugs and quick recovery,


Sounds like a drop in blood pressure or blood sugar to me. I'm hypoglycemic (not diabetic, just low sugar) and have been since I can remember. I've had to learn how to eat to keep my sugar steady so it doesn't plummet and cause me to pass out (tunnel vision, sweats, nausea, shaking, etc). Definitely mention it to your doctor so they can help you prevent it from happening again because it's such a scary and uncomfortable feeling.

This has happened to me occasionally, and in various degrees of severity, but it's usually accompanied by serious ringing in the ears. I was told that it could possibly be Meniere's disease, although I haven't had any appreciable hearing loss. I usually take 2 Meclizine tablets and lie down for a while. Meclizine is available over the counter. I carry it with me in my purse now, because I never know when an episode will occur, or how long it will last.

Hello!, the main thing to handle Lupus is rest!! Don’t over due things daily! You have to limit your routine for whatever and take some breaks , between doing things , that helps also. …Beverly L.