I have a question. Here is what is going on. I found out I had lupus by the weight gain, as such I am a 188 pound girl. I went up to 230 in 8 days. the weight is coming off down to 204 after 2 months. but I keep telling my mother that she needed to be tested for lupus and she finally got test last week.

yes she has lupus, but she also has pneumonia, and high blood pressure something like175/95. her problem is the different than mine. she has lost so much weight such as she is in her 60 like 61 and she weighs 88 pounds. she eats, drinks coffee all of that things that would put weight on me just by looking at it. she can not gain weight. her doctor put her on prednisone. and still nothing anyone have an idea? she does not have insurance but her doctor takes her anyway with payments.

thanks for the help by the way she live in Georgia if that helps.

I don't know if any of this will help, but I was losing weight and had all kinds of digestive and intestinal problems until I completely gave up all wheat and gluten.......now I feel so much better and I have quit losing weight........if I have a really bad flare I will drop about 5 pounds but after it is over my weight goes back up that 5 pounds....... and prednisone doesn't make me gain weight either !

I have a family member who is just the opposite with the gluten diet.......he gave up all wheat and gluten and has lost a LOT of weight.....so I guess it affects everyone differently........and I had an allergy doctor tell me years ago that if you are eating something you are {allergic} or sensitive too it will make you gain weight..................

Again......don't know if this is much help :)

I will be praying for you and your mom...................HUGS and BLESSINGS :)

thanks. im trying to get my mom on here so she can get help too

Congratulations on your weight loss, that is wonderful. I am right there with you, working to lose what I've gained since diagnosis.

I think you got some good advice from snowflake, making sure your mom is getting proper nutrition first, to heal her body. Hugs to you both...

also have her checked for diebeties.alot of people loose weight when the become a diebetic.

well I just got back from the doctor everything looks goo more weight loss for me yea! down to 200 now.

mom on the other hand is still not gaining weight I did talk to my doctor about her and told him that she was living in Woodstock ga and was loosing weight, he told me to tell her to go to the health department but she is already doing that.

Like Smokey,

I lost a lot of weight as well, although I was absolutely convinced it would be just the opposite and fought tooth and nail not to take the steroids.

It ended up not being a choice, however instead of gaining I lost weight rapidly, which is just as bad. I truly look ill now.

However, my point is that steroids affect everyone differently. Who knows why, just like this disease. There is no rhyme or reason to this disease or to the way that people react to the medications.

What you need to remember is that you will, at some point be tapering off or lowering your dosage which will help your weight immensely. As my rheumy put it "first we have to put the "smack down" on the disease initially before you can start a long term treatment plan". So initially, high doses but tapering off and so glad we did it that way.

You will find what works for you and that is what is important.

Hugs and good health,


For her, gaining weight will come from the same thing that will help you lose weight. Proper nutrition. I have no idea how either of you eat, but I can just about guarantee she is not getting the fresh foods and the right kind that she needs. Check to see, is she eating a lot of prepackaged meals and meal items? Preserved foods? Any artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup? Is she getting enough healthy fats and oils? That’s where you need to start.

well for her I know she eats a lot of grapes, and she is a potato kind of person, we both are from Virginia we don't eat out at such places as mc donalds, ihop , or ryans, and we don't go to places that you eat at the buffect like when you go to a grocery store and pick up your food.

for me I eat at home such as last night, I made parmashon chicken bought at target and grilled that on my indoor grill and cut into pieces and put it on a salad that had lettuce, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes. no dressing , oh an di had bacon bits the pieces that come in the pouch that you buy on the dressing isle. no croutons. and the night before that we had tomato soup, and grilled cheese, the night before that I made rotercery chicken in my rotercery oven. we don't have money to eat out and it is not healthy for anyone to eat out even if it at subway. drink lots of water, probley about 10 glasses as day for me. but I do have my coffee in the morning. I have gone down 30 pounds now being on predisone, I started at 30, then 14 days went down to 25, then down to 20 then to 15 now I am at 10. no one doctor appointment for 2 months my doctor is happy that I have lost 30 pounds in about 6 weeks, all was swelling for me. I think my mom's problem is she was just diagnosed, she does not have a regular doctor to get checked even though I told her I had lupus, she waited a hole month before telling a doctor to check her, so she goes to the health department to get checked. she does not have money for pills, and fills like she does not need them I told her to file for disability and she said that she did not want to because it was mess with her retirement. she does not eat hardly at all, I think it is due to stress, she also have a curved back ( her back is not straight like most peoples backs are) so there is another lining problem that she could get disability. again I think she just wants to work, she drinks milk and tells me I should drink milk and I said mom if I drink milk I will be in the hospital, im lactose intolerant. but I take vit. d pills for that. but that's about all I can think of right now.