Weight loss

Hello Loopies,

Have any of you gained a lot of weight since being on medication? And of course the steriods?

I went from 52kilograms to 80+kilograms. I have managed to keep my weight to 77kilograms since refusing to take Voltaren+Predisone injection for pain. I cant bloat anymore. Im sure I'll float if I try swimming!

I have previously tried Lipolytic injections (before diagnosis) and had lots of success in losing weight.

Have you tried anything and achieved good results? What about Banting?

Please dont say eating right!

Let me know. Thanks.

I use probiotics. Lost 15 lbs withOUT diet change. I use renew life senior. However any work that have HIGH numbers, many varieties and for sure stable shelf life. Research companies to make sure shelf life is really true If u use another brand. Can buy them online or at walmart etc.

It’s pretty normal to gain weight with steroids. The best way to lose weight is to go on a diet. I take probiotics, too. I just got off a diabetes medication that was swelling me up and lost 14 pounds of water weight from my legs and feet in three days. Now on another med but feeling dizzy, probably because of losing that much water or a new side effect. I

I take methotrexate and haven’t stopped gaining since Oct last year. One of two pounds a month no matter what I do to keep weight down, I gain. I eat like a bird and count calories in and calories out. I hike 10-15 miles a week and still I gain steadily. Weight gain isn’t common with methotrexate but for me it sure is. I’m grateful there are meds now to help Lupus patients but I hate them at the same time.

I have gained a lot with methotrexate too! I hate it! Bubbly what is banting!

My rhuemy said it isn’t the med because everyone always looses weight because the methotrexate makes them sick. Well, I wasn’t having any issues with weight until the methotrexate last October. And this is the most intestinally disruptive drug I’ve ever taken. Trying to get it changed to plaquenil. Suppose to be easier on the system.

stella said:

I have gained a lot with methotrexate too! I hate it! Bubbly what is banting!

Banting is a high fat (good fats), high protein (specifi protein), no carb/starch diet thats been gaining fame. There is a book by Prof Tim Noakes on it. Theres also good vegetables and bad one. The bad ones make you retain water and causes bloating. There's been alot of success with this diet,people reporting 7-10 kilogam loss in a month. Its not the Atkins diet at all. Its a healthy median.

Hope that helps.

I force myself to exercise 5 times a week. Not what you want to hear I’m sure. My weight is like a roller coaster. It goes up and down with the meds. I use digestive enzymes called Omega zymes by Garden of Life. They help with bloating and bathroom. I don’t have the best diet, but I use portion control. I know prepackaged meals aren’t as good as fresh. However, by buying things already portioned and labeled, I can control better how much I eat. I still have cookies. I just have them in the 100 calorie snack bags. I have chinese, I just have it is 220-330 calorie lean cuisine portions. Just do the best you can. It’s all any of us can do.

I certainly feel my efforts are in vein. I've started brisk walking 4 times a week for at least 35 minutes. But the meds do overtake my efforts. Its a constant battle. And honestly, Im battling so many 'other' lupus related issues that I just want to fall onto my bed at the end of a long day. Its not about diet, although I would say Im mostly healthy. Sometimes the water retention creates so many problems, aside from not fitting into my shoes. But we'll persevere, because the sun always shines (eventually lol) after the rains!

you aren't alone with the weight gain! I go up and down...I try to NOT use methotrexate if I can help it. But when I have flares, sometimes, I have no choice.

I use an app called my fitness pal to keep track of what I'm eating.. also provides some good recipes

I use probiotics a lot.

Increase water

I really swelled up with steroids, eventually my body became allergic and steroids are no longer an option for me.

After getting off of them my body eventually absorbed the extra fluids and I went back to the way I looked before.

Best of luck to you!