•Wear purple proudly on Friday, May 17 and tell people why!

Put On Purple

Help the Foundation of America raise awareness of lupus and put an end to this devastating disease that impacts millions of people.

Following are some easy ways you can participate:

  • Wear purple proudly on Friday, May 17 and tell people why!
  • Ask your friends, family, coworkers and employer to Put On Purple on May 17 to help raise awareness and support those living with lupus.
    • Consider organizing office-wide or company-wide participation.
  • Take pictures of your participation and share them with others:
    • Send your pictures to the Lupus Foundation of America at PutOnPurple@lupus.org.
    • Post photos on Twitter using the hashtag #PutOnPurple.
    • Send pictures to your social networks, along with details about how you Put On Purple to help solve the cruel mystery of the disease.

Visit our website TODAY for tips, materials and ideas for how you can Put On Purple for lupus awareness.

How would i find a purple lupus shirt id like one for me and my whole family.

Shasha, you can start looking here http://www.cafepress.com/+lupus+t-shirts

JC great discussion for Lupus awareness :)

you can order my lupus warrior shirts at lupus.countryhut.com/index2.html :slight_smile: or just wear anything purple and spread the word!

Ok so I did that laat Friday. The actual day. I don’t mind sporting it again nut itlf it’s confusing for me and I.have Lupus, then I am sure it can be confusing for people who aren’t aware of this disease, and try to look t up. I sure will wear it and tell everyone about it.