Vitamin d deficiency

How much do i need to take?

You should consult with your Doctor, Some don't want you to use Vit D for whatever reason and others do take it under their Dr approval in different amounts depending on your personal need. Everyone is different

How long until I feel better? I come home from work and go to bed and then have trouble getting up the next morning. I have a mentally retarded daughter and so I am not being a good mom. I feel suicidal!

Hello Poags25! Dr.s give different amounts of vitamin D depending on how low yours is. I was taking vitamin D once a week for years now I take them once a month. It can take a few days before you start to feel a change if that’s what is making you so tired. Have you had a complete blood count recently to check all your different levels? You have a lot on your plate with your health and also taking care of your daughter. Hang in there don’t hive up your daughter needs you! Things can feel very heavy at times like your caring a ton a bricks on your back but you have to be pro active I know you want to feel better. You are a great mom because this bothers you and you are addressing the issue. I am a mother of four and I know how you feel when all you can do is lay down. The guilt is bad but remember your not the only one and you have to fight fight fight. It’s not easy being sick but we have to find the right Dr.s to help us figure out a solution. God bless you keep us posted on how your doing take care!

Thanks for the support