Life With Lupus

Vicks baby rub + hylands nerve tonic


Since I am unmediated and not even diagnosed yet 8 have been playing around with simple relief remedies to hold me over. I have took hylands nerve tonic the last 2 nights soaked in Epsom salt baths and saturated my sore muscles and joints in Vicks baby rub with lavender and eucalyptus. It does help some temporary but its something!


Thank you. Ill try. How do I friend people? How do do this of working on this site. Is there anyway to change my username. I thought my name was just for the office. I have 2 masters degrees and my cognitive impairment is major. I can't remember so much and my hands are severely crippled with R/A. With my dyslexia, it seems to doubled. How do you find highlands nerve tonic?


Where do you find Hylands nerve tonic? I soak for almost 2 hrs. in my tub in the morning, just to get my body going for the day. I spent a week at my brother's house out of town recently. He didn't have a tub, only a shower. I was in horrible shape by the end of the week. My soaks do as much for me as any medication. I highly recommend them when your aching, and stiff.


I got mine at Walmart! Its for anxiety and irritability but doesn’t make me feel drugged. For me it helps my mind clear and muscles relax a little. Its homeopathic!


yes you can change your user name...in your own settings . go to Settings on right hand side of even this page or go to your My Page and again look on right side upper box that has settings which you can change personal information as well as your name. hope this helps!

You might try also playing brain games online..luminosity is one site that has many excellent tried and tested ones plus berkeley ..as in UC has site to help with both making your brain work better plus positive site...tied in with each other but different doctors at the University work on each site so you get tried ideas. Sorry i do not have exact name but you can do a search with UC Berkeley and positive brain work or something along those words and you should get it to come up in search.

on the tonic...how did it help? is it like natural relaxer. I do swear by epsom salt baths but you are right they last on good day about 2 hours max ...on very cold days as soon as i hit the cold i am back in pain...but at least if do get too pain, start a nice fire, take my bath and by time i get out, the house is nice and toasty....it can really be huge help

I also found TENS units which you can now buy in drug stores or online(amazon has them and i bet walmart sells them too) really helps with more muscle pain...which happens when joints are inflamed and muscles around the joint hurt or are stressed to point of pain.

Lots of great ideas on pain sites about natural pain relievers.

a friend of mine used cod liver oil...flavored citrus in her OJ in the am...just tablespoon and it help her ankle and leg pain she had from osteo arthritis. I did try this myself for over a good month and sadly did not find it helped me much or at all.

I am always looking for natural pain relievers!!