Vertigo or just crazy?

Three days ago I started having severe attacks of vertigo. Rolling over in bed, standing up, turning my head a certain way, the whole world tilts. I am really scared as I drive my son to school and my fiance to work. I am terrified it will happen when I am driving. The only new med I am on is lamotrigine. My psychiatrist prescribed it for some panic attacks I've been having. I called my nurse and she said stop the med. I did, but the attacks are still happening. Could it be my meds ganging up on me? I take so many (14 Rxs and 8 supplements) Sounds like a lot to me, lol. Any ideas or help would be appreciated...

Oh i get it so bad! And it has nothing to do with my meds. It was a symptom before i was diagnosed. Now its the worst when im getting my period. not to be personal but i have noticed that over the past couple years.

Sorry to hear that. I experienced a bad vertigo attack after rolling over in bed. Entire room was spinning. It would settle down but if I moved my position it would happen again. Went to ear

Dr and he diagnosed it as begnin positional vertigo and performed an Epply maneuver and i was immediately better. Something about crystals dislodging in ear canal. Not sure that’s what u have, but thought I would share. Good luck.