Update on tramadol

I've taken tramadol twice now and I've noticed I can't sleep! I thought these pain meds were supposed to make you drowsy. I have the worse insomnia with this med. I guess it helps the pain, but what's the point when I can't sleep??

Also my rheumy keeps talking to me about switching my anti-depressant from pristiq to cymbalta since cymbalta could help with the fibro pain. I took cymbalta about 5 years ago and it didn't help my depression. I'm scared about switching back to it. I would rather put up with all the physical pain than the mental/emotional anguish of depression and anxiety.


Tramadol made me antsy and worsened my insomnia, too. It exhausted me and I had to get off of it.

Neurotin helped with my Fibro - others do better on Lyrica. I take both due to nerve damage. Fibro is persistent nerve signals that need calming. I have had Fibro for 35 years.

Look on Rxlist.com to see if you can take Neurontin or Lyrica with Pristiq.

Best of luck to you

Regards from Rosie

When I was given tramadol for a recent injury to my hip after falling I was told I was fine to drive with it as it doesn’t make you drowsies. My physician first question out of her mouth each visit is how are you sleeping. I was taking ambien but she recently switched me to temazapam and told me to switch back and Forth, that are liver after awhile disposes of the medication more quickly after being on them for sometime.