UPDATE* lupus and pregnant

I am now 13 weeks! The last month had been very rough with a lupus flare and morning sickness but both are getting much bette. I wa in the er again, with a fever of 102. They never found a cause and seem to blame everything on lupus. They are doing many labs, I go in almost once a week for blood work, and they want me to start taking a shot every week to keep me from going into labor. ( I have a previous preemie baby) I see my rumey for the first time since become pregnant, on Thursday. Nervous bc she was very adamant about not getting pregnant. As far as the baby goes its growth is slightly slower than what they would like and heart beat keeps running higher than norm. Hope everyone is doing good and thank you for your thoughts and prayers!!

Praying for you, lisa. Nothing is impossible with God. Keep the faith.

Your bb will be proud of you as you are the mom who is willing to risk your life for his/hers. Pray for you. And let us know you and bb are well.


That's wonderful. I, too had a premie at 28 weeks...he just turned 18 but lost the next 2. I think more than anything that your state of mind and faith is going to play a huge role. Rest, rub your baby, think peaceful thoughts, rather than the worst and those feelings will be felt by the baby.

We will be thinking and praying for you and the little one.



Hope u have a successful pregnancy And u do well with ur lupus…blessings to you and ur new baby

Will be praying for a healthy baby and momma!

Years ago when this all began for me that was my main symptom, high unexplained fevers. To this day I still get them. Sometimes they are just low grade other times they are high (102-104). I know it’s tough because you want someone to say you have this fever for a more specific or treatable reason but everyone I have ever seen winds up just calling them unexplained after they run a battery of tests. I know it’s frustrating!! I am glad to hear you made it through your first trimester. Thoughts and prayers your way :wink:

Oh how I pray for a healthy and successful pregnancy for you!

You are a strong person and it appears that you are managing it the best way you can...So jus continue on that road..be positive and stay strong... :)

Congratulations Lisa! I hope you have no major issues and deliver a healthy baby in I’m guessing Septemberish!