Understanding Doctors

So I wanted to write about having an understanding doctor. Having lupus is a head ache within itself. With all the various symptoms we all deal with individually there’s nothing more frustrating then having a doctor that looks at you with 10 heads when we come in with all our complaints. Today I went to see my primary doctor to follow up and I was miserable … Prednisone isn’t working and I’m waiting on more test results from my rhumy cause lupus is picking a fight with my liver right now… So anyways seeing my doctor made me feel so happy… He’s so understanding and he takes lupus very seriously and takes me seriously. The one thing I hate is when a doctor judges your illness on age. It’s like a smack in the face to me, but my doctor is not one of those and is even keeping a close eye on my rhumy cause he knows how doctors can be and wants to make sure I am getting the best treatment. I swear I went from anxious and sad to walking out feeling loved because having a chronic illness and not having an understanding/sympathetic doctor can be so depressing and makes this whole ordeal worse then it is. I get so nervous to ask my doctors for letters and he gives me no trouble. So anyone out there feeling hopeless cause your doctors are not being understanding keep on searching for the right one. Don’t ever give up and neglect your health for someone else’s ignorance. I neglected my health for some time and it only made things worse so just keep searching and eventually you will fall in the right doctors care.

I’m blessed my doctor has been thru the wringer with me

I agree Crystal. I had a great diagnostician doctor, she knew lupus well and prescribed a mixture of medication, that made me ill, but, ultimately, saved my life. At the time Lupus was impact my kidneys and liver, when I was diagnosed. But, her bedside manner was horrible and she was unsympathetic and I dreaded going to her. After 2 years, I stopped going to see her, because I felt emotionally beat up after seeing her, but, I regret that decision because she really knew the medication and what would work with my body.

I find we, as lupus patients, might have to work along with doctors because as we are confused so are they, this illness does not have a single cause like other diseases, so the treatment course will be different for individuals. But, Doctors should also work on being sympathetic and understanding, we don't know what is going on, but, we know how we feel. It has to be a two way street.

I thank you for the honesty and candor. BTW, I love the description of lupus flare as "picking a fight with an organ", it really captures the spirit of Lupus as the playground bully of our body. I am going to use that from now on.


I have a great PC also. Actually all my drs are in the same group So my WHOLE life story is "on the same page" I love it.


Unfortunately you don’t know good care until you have had bad care.

So glad for you! :)


Your post gave me a warm feeling inside Crystal! I saw my rheumy on Wed. of this past week and my primary doc. on Friday. They are both very supportive and I am truly lucky to have found them. It turns out that they are best friends, too. They both attended the same school in Pakistan and both moved to Houston to continue their medical degrees. I just lucked out with my primary doctor when I got him through an ER visit in 2012.

They are both very concerned with my health issues and are focused on listening to me and working on trying to help me. What a blessing.

I have been known to walk out of a doctor's office if they don't listen and I feel that they aren't treating me with respect.


Hi Crystal

Thanks for sharing this..... I have a great PC, but I will have to find a new doctor - with the healthcare act, he is not in the new network. I am grateful to have insurance, but I really don't want to change doctors. My rheumy is in network, now I would not be upset if it were the other way around lol.