UCTD and breathlessness

Why does UCTD cause breathlessness, sinus inflammation in some people. I am tirating up plaquenil and am on singular and advair and am still winded with moderate exertion. I have mild constriction of the small airways. Has anyone else gone through breathing issues? Did anyone find medications that relieved the symptoms?

How do you know when it is about to change into lung inflammation? Breathing tests consistently show mild constriction of the small airways.

It sounds like you have asthma or reactive airway disease- both probably unrelated to your UCTD The medications you are on are to treat this Prevention would be to avoid airway irritants like dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, exhaust fumes etc. HEPA filters on your heating and air conditioning help too. Exposure to any of your irritants can cause inflammation and more likely so than your UCTD. Pulmonary inflammation with the autoimmune diseases can happen but is fairly uncommon but your underlying lung disease will require on-going vigilance

The thing that makes no sense is that I have NEVER improved when using inhalers. If I had asthma, wouldn't my numbers improve after a breathing treatment? I am a non smoker and do not live in an area with a lot of industrial fumes etc, My job does not expose me to fumes or chemical exposure either. We do run the central air in the summer