Tomorrow is appt. at U of M - Finally!

Hi...just wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow is my appt at the University of Michigan in the Rheumatology Department. I have waited a long time. I have no idea what will happen. I am praying that I can get a firm diagnosis. I know I have one or more of the autoimmune illnesses...just not sure which ones for sure. The other thing I am praying for is that they will be able to get me on a treatment plan that I (my body) can tolerate.

I will let ya all know what happens.

Anxiously awaiting,


Who are u seeing over there? I had Dr. Cagnoli for a while. She was pretty good in my experience. Good luck.

Good Luck!! I hope you get the answers you seek!

They should have a good program. My father went to med school there, he was born n raised in Detroit, my mom is from Lansing. A research hospital UCSF is where I was finally diagnosed. They had one of the few pediatric immunology departments in CA 34 years ago. I was 10 when I was finally referred there. Teaching hospitals are great for diagnosis and cutting edge treatments. I did feel a bit like a freak though. I was the youngest person to be diagnosed with Sjogren’s in CA at the time. I think every intern there poked and prodded me…lol I really hope that they will have the answers you seek. Be prepared for lots of tests. Family history is also important. Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. Gentle hugs, Annemarie
P.S. I was in my 20’s before they figured out I had Lupus too, so patience is key. ; )~

Hope you get a diagnosis. I saw several dr’s before I was diagnosed. I ended up @ UCLA for treatment & clinical trials which worked for a while. Lupus tends to go into remission & flare periodically. Good luck to you.

May be a miscommunication Technically a consult is just that- recommendations to your primary physician A consultant is not to treat without a request from the controlling physician- unless of course there is an active situation that requires urgent treatment. Frequently your teaching institutions do just that- a consult with recommendations- they can't possibly take on all the patients that see them and will rarely interfere with another physician's treatment program

Sorry you didn't get your answer Nan. They may still come from the testing, but as we all know that doesn't always work either. I was diagnosed many years ago, but they told me not to use the word lupus! They wrote on my file that I had Hashimoto's thyroiditis. They still put me on plaquenil and I even forgot about the lupus for years.

Are you taking any medications now?