Today's the day

Mom's wrist surgery (torn ligament) is today. Thankfully I'm feeling rested and less achy just in time to care for her while she recovers. I hope I have everything she needs. I have a "puke bowl" and a pillow in the car for her. The pillow as something to rest her arm on. I have some small ice packs in the freezer and her pain pills have already been picked up from the pharmacy. I need to have the doctor write a prescription for some anti-throw-up pills because she doesn't tolerate medicine, especially pain meds, very well and gets sick easily. We have some gauze here so she can have a clean, dry dressing on her incision and not have any dried goo get stuck to her stitches or harbor any bacteria. I have a full tank of gas to get her to all her appointments and all the groceries and a menu planned for the next week and a half. She'll be in a half cast up to and possibly just above her elbow until the stitches come out. Then she'll be in a full cast to the middle of her forearm after the stitches are out. Thanks to technology it'll be a waterproof one! We still have a bag to cover her arm because I can't imagine how well your skin can dry under the cast. I can only imagine a shriveled, pale, and smelly arm when it's removed. Yuck! Wish us luck!