Today was my first appt with the rheumy!

I think it went well, the doctor took her time listened to me, took her time and most importantly she said she would "leave no stone unturned". She feels it is def something autoimmune, she took x-rays of my hands, gave me a depo medrol shot, and sent me off with a huge list of blood tests. I will follow up with her in two weeks. She said at this point she thought is was possibly RA, but she was testing me for everything autoimmune. I left her office feeling comfortable and like someone really listened and was curious about what was going on with me! That is all I wanted.


That is wonderful. Having a doctor that is that committed is rare. Please keep us updated on your progress.


Happy for you that you were happy with your new doctor. Praying in the weeks to come you will get some answers and help. You're making progress for sure!


that's great I wish my rheumatologist was like that

A good doctor makes all the difference! Glad your appointment went well.