To little to late

Ok have to vent and I am so sorry .... I feel that just because I have lupus and I might be a little slow or might mot understand everything to the fullest that my thoughts and opinions ......even when it comes to something I really know something about like dehydrating food such as fruits and veggies and my own spices etc from my own garden that my husband and I work really hard at growing. I'm sick of being a outcast and I'm sick of being treated different and my family being treated different . If this really the way it's going to be then I honestly feel my family would be so much better on our own ! . I'm not saying I'm perfect and I have all the answers but my gosh come on don't throw stones before you even give a person a chance !

Kattie, I understand your frustration. But do NOT let others define who you are! I am an old "Lupan Geezer" and my skin has gotten tougher. My sister used to laugh at me (in front of other people) and say I had Alzheimer's--which is what my mother died from....this was 2004-2008 while I was still working 10-12 hours a day. My sister died in 2010 of Ovarian Cancer. I admit I am sometimes fuzzy-brained, but you never know what a person is dealing with. It takes great courage to be kind, even to the powerless and sick. Keep your head held high and let no one hold power over your self image. Best wishes, Lupancatwoman

Dearest Katie, I think all of us feel this way....can you share your post with your family? Mo