To Dance to Dream

This was the result of a photo shoot I did in conjunction with an art group. I will start entering it into the shows this year.


Thank you so much! Yes this my actual artwork. I do the photoshoots for my paintings as well. It is so much fun to think up a composition, draw it out, find people to model, photograph and paint it. I dabbled in painting for a couple of years and three years ago I started painting seriously. Actually, lupus has been a blessing of sorts. Had it not been for the lupus I probably would not be painting. Since I cannot be in the work force and be involved in much painting has been a lifesaver. I just feel so blessed. One of my paintings just passed Phase 1 for an international show. They were judged through jpegs. There were 10,000 paintings from 62 countries - only 200 of us passed this round. I just shipped my painting to Shanghai, China. If it passes the next round it will be in a show that sees 1000 visitors a day. I am just so excited to make it this far.