Doesn’t that just suck! That has happened to me a few times, more than I want to admit. They look at you with the results in their hands, and you sit across from them thinking, "I know what I’m feeling is real…stop looking at your papers!"
Jesus, doesn’t it just make you mad…so much is going on with your body, yet nothing is surfacing to make “heads or tails,” of it. Just hang in there. Keep venting in these discussion groups, your bound to get some information that might help you,
Good luck!.

Same here! Other than rest I don't know what to do either. I am always tired. Sometimes I feel so exhausted I just want to go back to bed and stay there. It's like someone pulled a plug and all my energy just drained out.

I have an antigen in my blood that is found in some people with Lupus that causes my blood to clot and I will have to be on Warfarin the rest of my life. I can't eat too much of the dark green vegetables because the vitamin K will counter the blood=thinners and cause a clot.


Clarence, sorry you had to go through the clotting issues, and it costing you one eye. Great that you brought up anti-phospholipid syndrome! Also, anyone on blood thinner has to be careful about vitamin K foods, unless their blood gets too thin. I once loved broccoli, but after a long stint on warfarin, I do not even like the smell much less taste of it. Vitamin E, in larger than normal doses, also acts as a blood thinner, so be cautious. It's always best to have any supplements documented, and supervised by a knowledgeable healer.

clarence said:

Just a friendly warning before anyone goes strictly green vegetables check and see if you have anti-phospholipid syndrome it causes your blood to clot and green vegetables is the enemy because of the vitamin k that's in them. I lost my right eye because of a blood clot and they ran test on me and that's how I found out I had lupus in Aug 2005