Time for rheumy?

So I’ve done tons of tests … don’t even remember them all. And no answers. Saw a neurologist who said first thing we need to do is rule out MS, so he ordered a brain MRI, which was clear.

Regular doc says I have some small markers for autoimmune, but she doesn’t believe its Lupus or Sjrogens. She said “your body is mad at itself and we don’t know why” … and sent me to the nutritionist. I’m doing an elimination diet now and if there’s no answers from that I’m honestly thinking I might hike myself over to find a rheumatologist. Maybe??

Is it time for a second opinion??

In the meantime, I’ve been having a lot of pain around my right kidney & a little nauseous…gonna do the saliva test for adrenal glands.

Are you going through a lot of stress?

Take care,


maybe this is a stupid question but have you been checked for kidney stones or diabetes? I ask because these are the first symptoms he has whenever he's got another kidney stone, (he's had 9 surgeries in 2 years) and he's diabetic who gets nauseous if his sugar gets too high. If everything keeps coming back normal I would try a rheumatologist. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

I have had kidney stones that started this way. I would see a rheumatologist since some of the markers came back. Keep us posted on what you find out.

well, I was in yesterday so they could do like a questionnaire for Adrenal Fatigue ... which I think I scored pretty high on. So I mentioned the kidney pain and they ran a urine test. It came back normal, but they did say I was pretty dehydrated. So I've been guzzling water and today the pain is a lot better. Hopefully that's all it was :)

I've had blood sugar tested a few times. I am insulin resistant, but not diabetic.

Curious about the questionnaire for adrenal fatigue- can you give any specifics?

Do you have an update yet, yabby? Any news?

I don't remember the specific questions on the adrenal questionnaire ... it was probably similar to this:


No news yet, really. I sent the saliva test off 2 weeks ago so I'm hoping the results are back soon. Also went in today for a Lyme's disease test. Been doing the elimination diet, but I don't think it's helping much.