Through it all


You did make a good point to Nu....why do all the good suffer why those who kill/rape/mess with kids the list goes on never really suffer...after years of illness it still makes me wonder?

tanya said:


You are never alone. Im glad that you have your family cause with out my family and there support I dont know what or where I would be. I hate to hear stories like this. I have tears running down my face. It really saddens me that us lupies have to go through the pain and heart ach that we go through. I know this sounds bad but sometimes I wish that this disease jumps off the good peoples and jump on some of these murderer and rapest of the world. Why is it the good people of the world have to go through such ordeals. I always tell my self that God wont put more on us then we can bear. I really hope that you get better. And for court date my lawyer just informed me of mine which is in July I been waiting almost 3 years for mine. I really hope and pray that we are approved. Im going to be checking in on you(((BIG HUGS)))

Hello NuDirection,

How you feeling now since you posted your thread?? it does we good to relise how we're feeling.

((Hugs Terri)) xxx

I know that waiting is sooooooo very hard to do! I thought for sure they threw my file in a hole somewhere and forgot about me...I imagined all sorts of things. Then if something could go did. SS had the wrong birthday typed in for me and you wouldn't believe how long it took me to get that straightened out...whew! Anyway, I did not have the Lupus diagnosis then, just my back...but believe me my back was and still is a mess ;( Plz don't forget a lot of ppl are praying for you and I hope you get your hearing early by some chance, and if you don't I'll be here if you need someone to vent there are many others here too!



angels are with you

NuDirection said:

Angel thank you for checking and I'm still having issues with the lupus/depression. I pray you strength to get through whatever your day is bringing you. I have an aunt that had a told three year wait as well, so I wasn't expecting overnight but three years is hard to swallow when you are holding on by a thread. I'm nervous about the hearing because of the different looks of Lupus and how people see it differently. Anyway, please feel better soon and no hospitalization for you or me. :-)