This is so hard

Being ill with a long term illness is so hard. I’m so tired. The doctors try to help, but the disease seems to have all the control. I took up oil painting two years ago, so that has given me hope that I still have some worth. My profile pic is a painting I just finished. I can’t do much a day, but I can plug along and make headway.
Along with the lupus I have antiphospholipid syndrome. I have occupational lung disease also. This just makes everything harder, not being able to breathe very good. I had carcinoid lung cancer in 2012. They removed half my left lung with that. The lupus has seemed worse since the cancer. I have a lot of stomach trouble at times. Mostly the fatigue is what is the hardest. I try to make my mornings special, then rest. If I over do it it takes two or three days to recover.
I’m 63 years old. Married 41 years. Three children, eight grandchildren. If not for the lupus I have the perfect life.

Your painting is BEAUTIFUL, Kramer. Chronic illness is the pits, I agree. All we can do is take it one small step at a time. I bet a cuddle from those grandkids helps. Hang in there and keep going with the painting. I for one would love to see pics. Kindest, JulesG

Hi I am 65 and non working nurse.My husband and me married 11years now I got sick in our 6th year.I had to give everything I loved up.If it wasn't for my husband being so loving I wouldn't have made it to this point . I am always tired and short of breath.My husband actually retired to take care of me.So he started new job.that he created it's in medical so I got to help.but the fatigue takes over I am having A new granddaughter any day .I am so happy I will see her.but I will be sick for days after the 3 hour drive.Sometimes I lay kin bed coloring.Hopefully I will be helping hospice pts I know I won't make it all the time and they know that also but they still want me.Maybe that will be my hope to keep seeing pts worse then me.