Life With Lupus

The Spoon Theory



My cross country trip, the death of my father, dealing with relatives, and I have a spoon deficit.


((( Hugs )))

sometimes there are no words, but I understand.

Take care


If we (fellow Lupus sufferers) could only share spoons during times like these...Ann, I send you hugs and prayers


hugs and more hugs


Ann---You are THE BEST! Sending love and hugs, LupanCatwoman


The Spoon Theory!! What a wonderful description of illness. Thank you so much Ann for sharing this story . I think I will by a poster for my home. I am in amazement at this time:) so clever is she who wrote this !!


Thanks for sharing this again Ann. I always stumble trying to find the words to describe lupus...impossible!

Hugs, Geneva



This really helped to read this today. I actually think I start out the week with a certain number of spoons. I can go about my days, sometimes using less spoons, sometimes more. But come the weekend, and that's the time for me to realize how many I have left for the week.

Yesterday, I was finishing up my homework, and I had 3 homework assignments to turn in online. I finished the first, then spent time with my son and all the energy drained out of me and I had to have a nap. I took my son to work - I came home, and completed the second one. At 9:30 last night, after a late dinner - I was working on the last homework and asked myself "how important is this?" The difference of a high B or a low B, its still a "B". The class is for me - for preparation of my certification test May 30th. I went to bed.


Ann A

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It is a great article and explains what we go through clearly.

Hope all is well with you! Missing Tez!




Yes, I did. I ended up with my B. I had a job interview this week, it went well - but the position went to the other candidate. After 27 years in Supply Chain Management, I never thought I'd hear that I didn't have enough experience? But, the next day I had an email from a new recruiter - so all is well. I had a phone interview, and I'm revising my resume to submit to her today.

Ann A. said:


You sound as though you are in a good place. Time management is so important in online courses. This semester I found that many of my graduate students did not understand the importance of "weighted categories." They were working on assignments as though every point they earned was equal - as though at the end of the semester I was going to add up their point total and base their grade on that. I had to take them back to the syllabus to show them how the grades were weighted. Next semester I am going to spend more time on that at the start of the semester. I need to make sure that they understand that they should put more time and effort into work that has a higher weight because it is more valuable. Looks like you figured it out. Good for you.


I love the spoon theory! I’ve used it to help describe my life with a rare form of heart disease, and now lupus since my dx. It’s so amazing and helpful. Thank you for it! You’ve been a blessing!:heart:


This was a great read. It makes perfect sense. I am definitely having a spoon day. I am newly diagnosed so this is a perfect way to explain to my family. Thank You for sharing!