The New DSM May Find us all labelled as having a mental disorder

This came to me from Hopekeepers. But everyone who participates in forums that deal with their chronic health issues should be aware.

If you have a chronic illness this is worth reading in case you ever experience a doctor telling you that it is all in your head. He can soon legally do this if you are experiencing one of the following: you are (1) concerned about your illness, (2) having anxiety about your health; or (3) spending time and energy to your symptoms or concerns.

I did have a psyciatric diagnosis before i found out i had lupus. I was classified at 15 with it.
Alot of doctors, and i mean alot dont listen to you when they know that. I have been so fortunate to find an md that listens to me.He took me serious when i really got sick and figured out what was wrong.


Thanks for sharing this, it is absurd!

Oh great, now there will be two diagnoses that will make doctors stop looking further for the reason of your illness, DSM and Fibromyalgia. SOME doctors. Pick your doctors carefully, that's all I can say.

As angry as I was to read this I appreciate the post. It is pertinent information for all of us. Just one more obstacle that we have no control over!!! Like we aren’t frustrated and miserable enough!!! The last thing some doctors need is another excuse to be dismissive. The thought of people suffering and not being treated for their symptoms makes me more sad than I can put into words.