The natural road?!?

hello all. I was recently diagnosed with Lupus and Ive been experiencing an onslaught of symptoms ever sense. I suffered from a pulmonary embolism, so Im on cumadin, thus cant take alot of the anti-inflammatory meds out there. I am afraid of the negative effects of predisone (which Im currently on) and I don't want to get "hooked". Im looking into natural alternatives. Any suggestions? I'd greatly appreciate it.

thank you

I take a lot of supplements and feel they make a difference but as Louise mentioned you have to be careful with Coumadin. I take fish oil but that wouldn’t be appropriate for you since it mildly thins the blood. My rheumie supports my taking the supplements. Maybe you can get information from your pharmacist as well and take the info to your rheumatologist for approval ( or to the dr who writes the coumadin) Healing thoughts to you.

Thank you both very much!

It wasnt until I went to an "alternative Dr." that I found out I was allergic to wheat & corn and had a very high mercury level.... they say that food allergies & heavy metals can cause lupus...I suggest getting tested for food allergies. I am wheat & corn free, eat organic, nothing processed. My Gastro Dr. had me diagnosed with & treating for years for: gastritis, irritible bowel syndrome & acid reflux - none of which I had! I have lost faith in traditional Drs. - can't tell you how happy I am that I saw this alternative Dr. - they look at your diet, hormones, etc. - it's all connected - you are what you eat. Good luck!