The importance of attitude

I was thinking the other day that the motivations behind my actions are key--that I can have the same behaviors (eating healthy, resting enough, wearing sunscreen, etc) with different motivations and therefore I would get different results. What I mean is, if I come from a place of anger and pain, I will punish myself by holing up in my house and hiding from the sun, I will deny myself foods that I like and curse the long sleeves. If I come from a place of self-love, however, I will do those very same things from a place of caring. I will go out in the shade or early/late hours when it's safe for me, I will protect myself and cherish the health and abilities that I do have. And that difference in attitude makes or breaks my ability to live a happy life today.

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to talk about keeping a positive attitude, or just venting when we're having one of *those* days when it seems impossible to see the bright side of anything.

I think a good attitude is very important.

That is half the battle. We will all have difficult days but those days pass and attitude makes a difference not only within yourself but in your relations with others.

Way to go,