The Embody Research

Hi, has anyone seen the new Lupus Research commercial looking for volunteers to join a research group to try out new Lupus meds, it is for 1 yr and they will study you to see what works for Lupus and what doesn't.

Is anyone thinking about joining the Research Study?

I didn’t see it but I will look into it

The web site is

Tried to check it out but no clinical trials in my area

There is a Trial going on in my area, I may call and get more info before I agree to join.

Went to the Embody site and tried to fill out the form. Got all the way to the end and the "middle vs no middle initial" instructions were cryptic. So I threw up my hands after receiving the message that I didn't complete all the information. Too bad, there is an office doing the research near by.

You have to hold on.

Hi, USAGURL, there is also a telephone number on the web site that you can call if you can not get thru the web site questionair. I am very excited about the new medical trial, I am thinking about joining it.