Life With Lupus

The best Rheumatology at UCSF, CA


Dr. Andrew Gross is a very wonderful doctor. He is an expert in the treatment of LUPUS. He is my doctor for years and he is the best!


Question? How did you get him to see you?
I was referred to his dept. last year after being diagnosed with SLE . He refused to see me and instead had me see a doctor in San Mateo. By the way was incredibly rude to my husband when we requested to speak with him after several attempts.


I was automatically referred to him when my pediatric lupus doctor could no longer see me due to my age. I’m sorry that you have had a bad experience with Dr. Gross. Are you still seeing the doctor in San Mateo? Do you like it there? Or are you still interested in seeing Dr. Gross? How is your energy level? How are you doing?


I had been seeing doctors from UCSF ever since I was a teenage as well.


Still seeing Dr.Steven Machtinger in San Mateo. His an Immunologist. When I was diagnosed I wasn’t just dealing with chronic fatigue, stiffness, swelling and pain; I was having weird allergic reactions that lasted over 5 months. He helped me manage all my symptoms and helped in diagnosing me with Lupus.
At the time I was in and out of hospital and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. I was getting worse as time went by.
An ER doctor referred me to UCSF. He was speculating that I had Lupus but wanted for me to be seen by a rheumatologist that was specializing in treating Lupus. After several months, finally I called UCSF to check on my appt. they said that Dr.Andrew Gross was reviewing my file and that his secretary will call me with an appt.
Again, another month went by and had to call again to see what was going on. This time I spoke with his secretary and she said that I was being referred to a dentist because I have Sjogrens. I also have Sjogrens but I was not being referred to UCSF because of it, especially to a dentist.
At this point I was frustrated and so tired.
The following day my husband called and spoke with Dr. Gross. He told my husband ,that he didn’t understand why I wanted to be seen and that why don’t I look for a local Rheumatologist in my area. My husband said, that he seemed upset when he tried to explain to him . he then told him that he wants me to see an immunologist first. To figure out what is causing my reactions. That’s when I got the opportunity to meet and be treated by Dr. Machtinger. By the way awesome doctor. He was very concerned over my symptoms and really helpful.
I know have a local rheumatologist that I see on regular basis that has me on methotrexate, plaque nil,gabapentin, Tylenol with codeine, ESGIC (for migraines),pepsid, Prilosec, vitamin D, Cymbalta, and several supplements.
Sometimes I feel worse just from the medications.
I haven’t gone on remission like most do. Sometimes I feel it’s because I am still busy through out the day.
I have flares almost everyday. Fatigue is the worst symptom and hard to manage.
If you say that Dr. Gross is the best in his
field then maybe I should try against to see him. Now that I have been diagnosed, he might see me.
Sorry for going on and on about me.
Hope that he has helped you and are feeling a lot better than me.
Thanks for replying
Take care


I like to know what kind of qualities do you think make a good doctor? I get that problem for many of us plus doctors is we all have our own quirks. I personally like a doctor who trusts me and i do understand that takes time and getting to know one another. But after 20 years i do know just a bit about autoimmune diseases.

I have called down there and they offered me appt immediately without even seeing my charts. I was kind of amazed! So i have no idea how they determine who gets in....sure after 20 years and over 3 rheum that if i did not have it one of them would have said so.

I think it is really great that newbie does have a doctor you really love as well. why take the long drive..kind of long..up to SF when you have a doctor you really like? Sometimes getting too many cooks can really make life confusing. You might be better off? just a thought.

Also SF is a teaching college so the doctors often are extremely busy with being a doctor plus a teacher. You might just ask the doctor in San Mateo what he thinks....since they should work together. Since you really like him, i go to a rheum that he recommends because you are more likely to get a doctor you also like. That is one thing about once you find a really good doctor...they usually refer to doctors like themselves.

so if Lovely could say why she thinks he is such great doctor i really appreciate it. Such how he treats you...do you get to help in making drug choices? or does he more or less just tell you what he thinks and you go along with it. Does he run a lot of tests or had he asked about your insurance and how they might impact you due to their costs?

stuff like that...is what i am wondering about. I really appreciate it. If i can find a place to stay down there i am really considering UCSF.