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Testing for MS?


I haven't posted in awhile, since all my labs were coming back negative for lupus (even though I was having countless symptoms). My regular family doc decided it was time to refer me to a neurologist, and I just finally saw him today. Based on my symptoms, the first thing he wants to do is an MRI to check for MS.

Just wondering if anyone else had gone through something similar? And, if labs were all negative for lupus will an MRI show something different that labs don't pick up???


I haven't but I just want to send you some support and a heartfelt hug right now because I know how frightful these immune illnesses can be. I'm sure that someone with experience will be able to answer your question, though.




thanks :) I was doing ok, not thinking about it too much, until I tucked my kids in bed. Then I think it hit me kinda hard ... it's scary.


Ms will show up as lesions on the brain. Unlike lupus, it can be diagnosed with one test. Lupus is determined by a combination of blood teats and symptoms but there’s no one lupus lab test that can tell you yes or no on lupus. The ms question will be answered by one test. Hoping for negative!


I wonder why my doctors haven't tested me for this? I am having a similar issue with the negative lab tests and unresponsive to all medications except prednisone.


Hi,im in the same situation,bloods positive then negative,I was referred to a neurologist,and he did an mri to check for MS,and thank goodness it was clear,they apparently look for lesions on the brain,good luck hun x


Hi yabby02, I am sending positive thoughts your way. I have some vision problems that are typical of MS. Last summer I had MRI for MS. Understandably I was quite nervous waiting for results. Luckily it was negative - although I still have the vision issues and they don't know why. During the time I was waiting for the test and results I tried to focus on being extra kind to myself. I also kept busy which helped take my mind off it. I know you are strong enough to handle whatever happens and I am wishing you the best!


I went through similiar situation. My bloodwork still does not show anything except ana. I had several mri's, all clear. They finally figured it out with a lumbar puncture. My neuro still wants me to see a ms neuro at northwestern. Rheumy beleives it is lupus but a possibility ms. The lumbar puncture was the key for me. It showed it in my nervous system and brain. Good luck, i know how difficult and frustrating this is. Keep at it, answers will come.


My rheumy sent me to a neurologist for an MRI. I came back negative. Are you taking plaquenil? just curious


No not taking anything. All my ana #'s were in ok range.


several years ago this was my situation, I've tested positive for MS thru MRI and Lumbar puncture after my diagnosis for lupus, its been in the back ground don't know if it will ever become a problem or not, the main focus for years has been the lupus, I don't worry about it, it is what it is, the neuro is confident at some point it will rear its ugly head, but the lupus just confuses things, so I just ignore all of it its well beyond my control what happens happens.


I also had an MRI for MS. My scan showed small white dots that they believe are small ischemic events, but I was negative for MS lesions. That was a relief. Hang in there. Even if the worst comes to pass, MS like all autoimmune diseases varies alot in how it presents. I wish you well.


thank you everyone :) I was wondering, can you still have MS even if your ANA levels were within normal range??


Hi Yabby,

Yes but you might not have MS at all. Sometimes we can have certain symptoms of a different auto-immune illness but not have the full-fledged illness. In fact, as you can see, quite a few people are in your shoes. I was surprised to see how many people who are, in fact. So your question is really a great one that can help others to ask about an MS connection, and try to get answers.

Please keep us posted on your health, Yabby. I can feel your concern and want to help you let go of it a bit. We all have that element of fear with these illnesses because we just don't know what's next. But it doesn't mean that we are ever going to take that next step into another autoimmune illness.

Hugs and tea,


Yabby02 said:

thanks :) I was doing ok, not thinking about it too much, until I tucked my kids in bed. Then I think it hit me kinda hard ... it's scary.