Hi, I’m new here and have lots of questions mostly about symptoms. I’ve been experiencing some dizziness and back pain, along with joint pain and fatigue, is the dizziness and back pain normal with lupus? Is this a flare? I did see my pcp, blood work and ct scan were normal. I was diagnosed in November.

Hi Vera,

I do have back pain also. My back hurts right on the spine. My pcp and rheumy have both been informed and they can't seem to tell me where it's coming from. My thoughts are it's part of the Lupus. some days are worse then others, but here lately I seem to have all bad days in regards to pain and fatigue.

I hope you get some relief soon. This place is great for advise and support. There is always someone here to help you along. This site has been a true blessing for me and I hope you feel welcome here to ask whatever you need to.


I was diagnosed in Jun 2013 with lupus. I have had dizziness a lot, pain in low back middle of my back and neck most of spine I think the inflammation causes more pain in spine. Fatigue I believe for me is lupus related I am beginning another flare now so the symptoms are coming and going. It is affecting my mood as well. Up and down.

I am glad you have found this site it has been so helpful.

Wishing you a wonderful Day !!

Thanks so much for the info, I was really scared for a few days. It’s difficult dealing with the pain, but the dizziness makes me very anxious.

Flower, what meds do u take if u don’t mind my asking? I have neck pain too, and then it’s like every muscle in my back is so very glad I found this site. I also have gastroparesis.

HI Everyone:

had a dizzy spell in December. I now have a new problem High blood pressure. I found out later that plaquenil can cause high blood pressure. I don't have much pain. Both knees have osteoarthritis and my left wrist is sore. taker care/ everyone


Hi Vera, do you take plaquenil and a pain med? I have a bad back and neck when I have a flare it is very painful! I almost decided to have neck surgery while I was in a flare, but it passed and so did the bad pain. I have had MRI on both places and someday I may need surgery to clean up the stenosis. However at the moment I am OK.

We are all different yet united!



Geneva, yes I do take plaquenil and tramadol for pain. Last week was the first time I have experienced the horrible back and neck pain. Tramadol helps the pain but it makes me so jittery. I have had back pain in the past but never this bad. I’m still dealing with it this week, but I have gone back to work. Is there anything that helps your back pain?

I take vicodin, celebrex and cymbalta. I try to do a little yoga and core strengthening moves, but I am not consistent! I did quit working and that was a big plus as I had to stand all day. I also go to the chiropractor and accupuncturist when I can which is at least 2 times a month. I am 65 and so I took early SS which helps. My back is sometimes a lot worse than other times. I wish I could help you more as I know how painful it is.



Hi! Welcome to the family of Living with Lupus -SMILE Hope that you enoy the time here with us and get information that can help you remember that just because it sound like something that you are going through fit what is happening to you Lupus hit in many different ways for all. Get the information and compare but don't self diagnoise yourself never - okay ? Make , take notes and let your doctor know that what your are going through always...Well enjoy and hope you have a great time here with us... Beverly l.

Oh !!! 4got to tell us Welcome -Smile Beverly l.

Oh! It might be a Flare, normally that's normally how a flare start ...Beverly

Thanks Beverly! I have only been on here a few days & everyone has made me feel so welcome, it’s nice to know I’m not alone.