Life With Lupus

Symptoms, tell tail signs including aches, pains & rash


Today was my "Sunday" and I get to sleep in some, get rested and do my get-ready-for-the-week rituals. I've had plenty rest and spent 8 hours doing errands, cleaning, car wash etc. Half way through my day I noticed a general energy "Lag". A few hours later aches and pains including a rash on my face. I have prescription creams steroidal and non-steroidal to use.

This rash came on far quicker than normal...I keep it under control with a sodium sulfate wash & used it two days ago. I'm interested to know how others in the forum feel about their rashes and how it is a possible tell-tail sign or precursor to a RA & or Lupus flare up. I would appreciate any input from all just to get an idea from the community. I am not hip to taking the anti-malarial RX Plaquenil Sulfate on a regular basis - however since my first really bad flare last December I will take it to avoid a full on flare.

Thank you in advance,