Swelling of the eye

Does anyone have issues with eyes swelling? I have a yellowish raised line on the white of my eye from my iris to the inside corner of my left eye. When I have a flare it swells and hurts especially when I blink. The optometrist and ophthalmologist say its nothing.

McMommy, this is a new one on me!

I hope someone comes around very soon and has some information to share.

warm hugs, Louise

I have not heard of the line before, but I have 4 lupus friends who have had eye swelling issues for a couple of months. One first got diagnosed with pink eye but the meds didn't work, so next they said it was uveitis and gave her cortisone drops that helped some, then went to an eye specialist who knows about autoimmune disease, and has diagnosed it as scleritis and prescribed cellcept with cortisone. So I told the other 3 friends and they went to their Dr. and got the same treatment. Yours might not be that serious. You might do well just with cortisone drops unless it hangs on for months and months. I just looked up "yellow line in eye" and some doctors have different ideas. A few say a yellow line can mean too much sun exposure. Sun exposure can also start your flare up. One says its a sign of bilirubin or your liver acting up, which can also happen in a flare up. One says its a sign of liver, gall bladder or blood disorder. Lupus is a blood disorder. You should Google that. There are tons of sites with that question so it must be relatively common.

I have something similar to what you posted and it was dx as pingueculitis! Here is a Wikipedia definination. But there are many articles on the web you can fine in regards to it. Mine is in the same location on my eyes as you described. Mine will flare up when I am in a flare with lupus! I have to use moisten drops to clear it up!


I also have a condition called episclertis (see below) which is a inflammation process as well that will flare with lupus. It requires steriod drops to clear it up.


I also get broken bold vessels in the eye as well!

Hope this helps you! But I would see an eye doctor as well!

I have seen several eye Drs., the newest one at least understood how painful it would get and prescribed Pataday. it does help, when I can afford the prescription. My insurance won’t cover it.