Does anyone have problems with excessive sweating? Is this part of the Lupus? I can't go anywhere without breaking out in a dripping sweat from my head. It is very embarrassing.

More so than I used to. Its usually when I’m exerting myself though…my face and head just drip.

Oh yes, another lovely manifestation of Lupus. At the slightest exertion I am covered in sweat from head to toe. Have not found a way to stop it…

My experience lately has been that at the slightest exertion (and sometimes even without exertion) my head will sweat. My hair gets soaking wet, especially at the back of my head. I've been through menopause, and these are definitely NOT hot flashes. Thanks for asking this question, now I know I am not alone in this!

My issue is not sweating during the day but I have the worst night sweats...almost every night.

Yes I have had it for over 20 years. I had to buy cloth handkerchiefs to carry with me to blot my face. It takes off my foundation makeup, so all I can use is mascara and lip gloss. It gets my hair wet and my neck, so I gave up on curling my hair.

Me too !!! It has been really bad lately . I have been wondering why? This summer has been humid if I do physical activity and then sit down the sweat pours off me. Very strange…

oh boy can I relate. Except mine only happens in the afternoon at around 4, then I am drenched for about esp hours. It’s very frustrating!

Yes it has been crazy lately I could be sitting having a conversation and just start sweating from head to toe. My face, arms and chest would be shinning. It can be quite embarrassing especially when no one in the room is feeling hot!! I have been going through it for about 16 years. Day and night both are bad!

Yes! It’s my head and neck primarily. It’s not a “hot flash” because it doesn’t affect any other part of my body. My torso, arms, and legs can be cold and I will still sweat. At night I soak through my shirt and the pillow case. I had to put a plastic bag over my pillow to keep from ruining it. It’s embarrassing. I had to get an epidural for a slipped disc yesterday and the nurse apologized for the coldness of the room and I was like I love it! Lupus has some weird effects that’s for sure.

Yes, it is just another lovely aspect of Lupus!

It is very embarrassing. I too am tired of people asking if I am okay, and asking if I have a sunburn. This red skin and sweating profusely is getting so very old, and there seems to be no ending of it in sight. My Dr never addresses the issue, even though I comment on it with every visit. I guess he has no answer for it either. So far I have had to change Lupus meds three times, but with each, there has been no relief from the sking reddening or the sweating, and the prednisone doesn't alleviate the problem either. It is comforting to know I am not alone. Thanks for sharing this with us.

i know just what you are talking about, i get that too, it usually means your blood sugar is too low, it happens alot with people that have lupus sle

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that breaks out in a sweat just watching tv or sleeping, and activity forget it, I quickly turn into a sopping mess.

I have the same problem! I sweat during the smallest activities, even if it is cold outside. I usually get ready with windows open or the AC on. When I am walking somewhere I try to take my time and remove any extra layers that are unnecessary because they just add to the mess. If you wear makeup, putting primer on first sometimes helps. There is also a product called "3B Face Saver Gel" that really works on preventing excess sweating. Try it out and good luck!

Yes, profuse sweating from no apparent reason is embarrassing when it happens in public. I have had this happen most of my life and could not figure out why. I was diagnosed with SS and lupus about 5 months ago, so I guess I can add that to the list of things this disease has brought into my life. Somehow it helps to know your not alone. I don't know why it helps, but it does.

OMG! Yes, yes, yes!! Without even moving about very much, the sweat just drips of off my drenched head! Not just my armpits but my whole arm. Not just behing my knees but my entire legs! From head to toe without any exaggeration, I sweat uncontrolingly all the time! I don’t know how to make it stop! I never, ever, did sweat, even as a young adult! I’m passed menopause by at least two years! I’m in Hawaii for about 4 months this year and I just want to go home to Michigan where it is cool. Everywhere I go I have a wet head and sweat is dripping from everywhere! It’s so embarrassing! I’m at a loss!

I do it too. I think it’s a side effect of steroids. It just started for me about three months ago when my Rheumy dropped my prednisone. I ended up with adrenal insufficiency because I dropped too fast. He increases my steroids and changed then to hydrocortisone but I still sweat! So frustrating. It’s really bad if I’m exerting myself in any way. Wish I could make it stop. Oh well…at least we are all in this together! Lol

Yes. Absolutely

It is a common side effect of Lupus and steroids enhance it, making the sweating worse. I always wear my hair up or take a hat to cover up when I’m dripping. You’re perfectly normal.

I noticed this when I moved to Savannah. I thought I was sweating because it was hot! Not sure now. Was dx’d with Lupus soon after.