Supplements/Diet vs. Rx

I just had semi-annual blood returned and all is well. Complements are coming up into normal range and all organs, etc., happy.

I was diagnosed in 2010. I only take Levothyroxin for hypothyroidism. Never seen a Rheumy.

The first words out of my PCP's mouth after diagnosis were "here's a script for vasodilators", I declined. I thought "Oh sure, and two weeks from now when the knife slips because my hands hurt so badly and I cut myself, I'll bleed to death and lupus won't matter". It seemed too easy and too drastic.

I did some research and started with Hawthorn Berries and Alpha Lipoic Acid / L-Arginine. My supplements grew from there as these worked for Raynaud's and I had frostbite on all four extremities, so my case wasn't mild. Also have Scleroderma and many other classic difficulties. In a flare now.

I have been a vegetarian for 24 years. I'm now trying to cut down on sugar. I want to do everything I can to keep myself healthy, I'm not anti-meds, I just want to try everything I can to avoid taking drugs for as long as possible to preserve my organs.

Thinking of the younger lupies participating here made me think of this topic. Taking meds, still suffering, and so many more years ahead of them than myself.

Wishing and praying for good health today!

Thanks for sharing this. I feel the difference when I'm eating better. When I start to stray from a good diet, and start in on the quick snacks, I feel more fatigue and just the worse for wear. My wonder supplement right now is a daily probiotic. Its difficult to eat right, when I have little to no appetite. But from my own experience, when I get back on the fruits and veggies, the appetite gets a bit better.

If I could write a note to my 20-something self, I would tell me to eat better, and give up the processed foods PDQ.

I am happy to hear you found a way to control your disease but let’s not forget that lupus is different for everyone. They need to find what works for them. I too analysis ever flare up. Vincent however haven’t found my food and supplements yet still working at it. I did however come to the conclusion that to much sugar cause inflammation and pain. Keep up the good work.

For me, it’s really a combination of drug (plaquenil, low dose prednisone) and eating whole nutrient dense foods, and taking care of myself emotionally that seems to work best. It’s hard to keep all the balls spinning at once and I find I tend to drop the balls more than spin them…

Eating right, omega 3, alpha lipoic acid, vit D, selenium and plaquenil are doing wonders for me. I’m also taking LDN, but still is observing what effect it has on me. Lots of prayers helped me emotionally. I was diagnosed with SLE last 2012.

Gluten free,low sodium ,low carbs and low sugar ( I know sounds like a lot of fun )
Vitamin D ,selenium ,B complex ,biotin
And I’m still searching for more solutions…

I refuse to take Rx…plaquenil lovanox etc… Except for low dose asprin for my APS. The side effects to me are not worth it. I’ve changed my diet drastically over the last few years and it’s helped DRASTICALLY !
Being a seattleite I used to drink tons of coffee but when I cut that out of my daily routine I felt much better. I encourage all to do this before taking harsh prescriptions, and applaud you for doing this too! Try adding turmeric into your meals, it’s a natural anti inflammatory, and works wonders! Good luck!!

I had a hard time exercising then. I could only do 3 jumping jacks and I felt very exhausted already. But now, i can lift light weights, run, jump, etc. i also take turmeric tea to help with joint pains. Right now I had to take steroids againfor the rashes, but once they’re gone, so is the steroid (slowly though)