Stress! It's taking a toll!

This week has been a painful week so far. The Lupus Fairy has plagued me with every imaginable symptom. I think I was having a mild flare and the stress of my week has taken it to new hieghts. I only take the pain medicines and the anxiety medicine when it is absolute dire straights but this week I feel like I am practically living on them and it’s only Tuesday. Boo!!! I usually kill it all with kindness and a smile but I am terribly testy this week, even people that speak to me on the phone or via text can tell that I am completely out of sorts. Holidays, moving to Texas, relationship, roommates, atop my already daily struggles have turned me into Super Grinch with a bad case of arthritis, massive headaches, and an angry indoor voice. Is anyone else caring massive stress this week? How are you dealing with it?

I'm sorry the Lupus Fairy has knocked you down. I've been carrying a boatload of stress lately and now with the two snow/ice storms we just had, the weather isn't helping either. I don't know how I'm not in a massive flare, but I know it's coming because all I do is sleep. Mostly I've been sleeping and keeping to myself. Praying you start feeling like yourself again!

When I get overloaded with too many things going on at once, I stop and ask myself, "which of these can I actually do something about?" Usually there are several of them that can be either eliminated or modified. That helps a lot because I don't feel so overwhelmed. Going to a place where you can be alone for even fifteen minutes is helpful just to calm yourself and regroup. I pray and the Lord gives me strength and guidance. I stress out easy so I had to find ways or I would self destruct. I had to learn to put myself first which did not come easy for me, as a nurse. But now I can do that now and it's helped me to eliminate the need for pain meds. I turn phone ringer off at times and/or tell people not to call me. Deep breathing helps me. Even just a few long, slow deep breaths.

The long phone conversations used to drain me. Also, trying to put on a happy face takes energy too. :') That usually backfires on me. Now I just warn people that I am out of sorts so I might not be too pleasant. That way they have a choice of talking to me or just calling me another time.

I'll pray for you.


I am sorry to hear of all the stress you are going through, as I know how as if the stress isn’t tough enough, it can kick physical ymptom a into high gear. I have been going through a lot of stress plus an ice storm, and the freezing temps are not helping. I used to exercise for stress management… Now I’m unable to run and jog the way I used to, which was the only thing that kept stress at bay for me. Are you able to do any exercise or will that make things worse?

Honestly I’ve been watching standup comedy, funny tv shows, and comedy movies… There is some kind of healing magic in laughter. :slight_smile: it seems to help… Also, venting when I need to, while reminding myself everything I have to be grateful for.

Also if you have a hobby you can do right now when you just need to escape the stress that helps me. I play some video games and plan on making a trip to the fabric store when I feel well enough to start a sewing project. I know it all sounds so lazy but for me I’m kin of forced to be lazy right now because I’ve been staying so sick…

I hope there is at least one idea in there that may help, and that you feel better asap

As if the holidays weren't stressful enough - I am so sorry to hear that you are having to deal with moving, roommates & relationship issues -plus the darn weather. Know that you are not alone.

I am like you - I try to kill it with kindness -I may snap or find my self getting super bitchy & I regret how I sounded or what I have said. I try to talk myself down, remind myself that it's not anyone's fault I am in pain & feeling bad. I apologize for what I said & how I said it & try to right my wrongs.

I used to be pretty laid back & fun loving unless I was getting a migraine, I would get anxious, confused & bitchy (pre-lupus). Now that Lupus has also become part of my life I find that I get anxious, confused, foggy & bitchy more often & feel like I have multi personalities*** trying to keep all of my feelings & frustrations from affecting others.

As far as dealing with my current flare & stress - I am not handling it nearly as well as you are. I feel like no matter how hard I try not to be negative or isn't working. I just want to rest & quit hurting & to be left alone & that isn't in the cards for me right now. As soon as things quiet down I know I am headed for a major crash.

Wish I had some wise words of advice to offer that would help you out. Wishing & hoping that you get to feeling better & your move goes well & your other issues work themselves out. Take Care.

**I am in no way making fun of or making light of anyone with personality disorders or mental health issues****

Well i think i know just what you are going through i have been in a flare for a few weeks feel awful lots of arm pain. Going on a different anti inflammatory i think it is called melexicam dont think that is how it is spelled well hope it helps boy this has been stress filled few months hope it gets better for us both.

I’m just glad to know I’m not alone because im new to this. I do the best o can every day above ground and working is a blessing you guys are helping me go through this. Thank you

I hope you guys are holding strong in all of it as well. I am doing my best to keep it light. I know that come Tuesday I will be much better as I will finally be in Texas and removed from the house that is adding to my stress and worry. Too many people in one home is just never a good idea. Lol! My aunt says I need more Holiday Cheer ( eggnog and rum) in my life. That seems to be her cure for her holiday stress! If only! Lol!

Hello! you are over whelmming your mind and it is making the FLARE go into over drive !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Step back for a couple of days with nothing on your planner and do nothing - NOTHING just rest !!! you have to slow down for a moment it is okay -everything will be right there -smile Am serious ! You don't want to be in the hospital - that is no fun . Be careful Lupus has away of making us Living with Lupus to stop everything ! Been there , done that ! Take care and take 2-3 days to rest ....Beverly L.

Thank you Beverly. :slight_smile: I have for sure taken a step back from all things stressing me and I have let it be known that I am not available for anything that seems slightly stressful for labor intensive. My FB says “this site is out of order at this time, if you are seeing this message please check back at a later date when all systems are firing.”

Crystal, I hope your week ended better for you and you left the lupus fairy behind you when you moved?!

Fatigue has hit me hard this week, just too tired to be bitchy unfortunately.

Keep doing what you can!..Beverly L.

Crystal said:

Thank you Beverly. :slight_smile: I have for sure taken a step back from all things stressing me and I have let it be known that I am not available for anything that seems slightly stressful for labor intensive. My FB says “this site is out of order at this time, if you are seeing this message please check back at a later date when all systems are firing.”