first of all messed up on posting and hit wrong button and repeated some else post under my name. I am sorry. I have stomach pains , and i look like i am ready to give birth, i also have acid reflex. I fight having low iron so i am wondering if i got an ucler. also i just get nausia. my spelling stinks, u know my brain is invovled so we will leave it at that.

I have always had a lot of gut issues with the lupus........IBS...acid ind. and reflux...pain and bloating and spasms....

...but my symptoms have improved since I totally went gluten free......that has helped me a LOT......

I have an ulcer that finally healed.......but I ate a lot of yogurt to help that along too......

I hate to hear you are having a rough time.....I will be praying for you......hugs and BLESSINGS :)

Happy Sunday everyone.

I had acid reflux but my pcp put me on omeprazole about 5 years ago. Have had no reflux since. I'm glad to hear that the glutin-free helped you. I don't follow it to the T but I'm getting better at it. I'm going to whole food and trader joe tomorrow (I hope)someone told me they have a lot of things like gluten-free terriaki, I put that on pork tenderloin and then bake. I made guten-free cookies Fri that were excellent.

Stay Positive.


I too have been on omeprazole for a long time after having severe heartburn the medications we take are hard on the stomach,what aren’t they hard on,at times I’ve wondered which was worse the illness or treatments.As with anything it’s probably best to talk to your Dr but you could try some OTC omeprazole& see if it works,good luck

These links are great, Ann. Thank you !! Hugs, Reet

Ann A. said:

Sometimes stomach problems, including reflux, can involve having "too little" rather than "too much" acid. When physicians respond by automatically prescribing Proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec or Nexium the result can be a lot of extra hurt. The problem of course is that some of the symptoms of low stomach acid, like reflux, are the same as the symptoms of high stomach acid.

I used to be the same way, I went to a gi doctor and I had a colonopcy, found out I had pulips, also I have Ibs, this will cause, bloating, also if you have ibs you will know it, it also comes with lupus, Ibs has symptons, such as soing to the bathroom all of a sudden, If you eat certain foods, such as lettuce, taco's anything greasy, coffee, chocolate. the food bloats you, then once it passes your stomach your stomach goes down, don't know if that helps or not

I've had a lot of gut issues with lupus as well, though not ulcers (not to my knowledge anyway). When i'm really sick, my stomach just shuts down, and I can't even drink water. that's when I end up in the hospital.

If you do have an ulcer, there are numerous things out there that can heal ulcers, including manuka honey. NOT the honey you buy at the grocery store, specifically manuka honey.

Also, like smoky mtn snowflake, I am having great success by being gluten free (and in my case also dairy free and there are a few other foods I avoid that I'm sensitive to). I haven't been on any lupus drugs since 2007, and I even got off my blood pressure drug (safely and successfully) this year, after 6 years of being on it (that, I attribute to tap dancing and losing weight).

you're probably very tired, but know that there is hope and with a little experimenting and the right support, I believe you can feel better!