Stomach bloating!

For about three-five days now I have been very bloated in my abdominal area. When I eat or take even just a small bite of food I feel so full and even more bloated. I feel gross. I don’t know what is is. I am also on my period but it should be over by now. Does anyone have any advice?

You should either see your doctor or call because sometimes the symptoms you are describing can be a problem. I forget what it is but I know it will come to me and I will let you know. I just can’t think of the word right now!

I am wondering if this is a one time happening or a monthly one? Several people I know had a stomach infection and had to be treated. If it is a virus, it should clear up in a few days. Really you should check with your PCP if it doesn't go away. Are you running a fever? or do you have any other symptoms?

Hopefully you will feel better soon.

I am going to my rheumy tomorrow , thank you kris!

& Faye this is the first time I am Experiencing this. I don’t have many other symptoms except my feet are swollen, the right side of my face slightly as well & my fingers are mildly stiff. Every once in a while I get a shocking lower back pain as well and a slight headache.