Still have chronic chest pain!

The pain all runs together now. So not sure if it is pericarditis or pleurisy. Still in so much pain but I get tired of going to the dr for them just to tell me to go back on prednisone. Dr is working on getting benlysta approved. However, I’m not all that excited about it. Hearing various things about it but nothing great my chest has hurt at varying intensities since I had a horrible flare the landed me in the hospital for ten days. I struggle each day at work and just collapse. My third child just went to college ,my baby. You would think my husband and I would be making great plans. But it is all I can do to go to work every day. Anyone else still struggling with chronic chest pain? Pain is in middle and to the right. Goes right into shoulder blade and sometimes in middle back. Still have to sleep sitting up or severe chest pain.

Hi, Eagle.
Sorry to hear you’re still in so much pain. I have Costochondritis chest pain that flares when I am under alot of stress particularly. It is inflammation of the breastbone and it can be very painful. Steroids and rest as well as stress relieving techniques are my best defense against the symptoms. I don’t know this is what you are experiencing, but I wanted to mention nevertheless. I hope you find relief soon.

Last fall I started having bad chest pains which kept me in bed. I did the treadmill and told I was doing great. The pains continued. My rhumy gave me Nitro and they were extremely helpful, but this spring I was taking them often. The doc gave me Isosorbide and Metoprolol which kept the Nitro in the drawer. Friday I am scheduled for a catheter because I am complaining again. I feel like I am existing rather than living for I spend so much time in bed. My garden is producing so I need to be canning!