Starting feel a little better

“Everything that happens to you makes you stronger” isn’t really true. It is what you choose to learn from everything that makes you the person you are today. Every situation presents us with a choice: what will you do with this? Will you learn from this experience, as difficult as it may be, to grow and become a better & stronger person? Or will you assume the victim role, become bitter, and forever blame everyone & everything around you for your life? Everyone is tested; not everyone learns

Hope all my new friends have good & pain free weekend...............

Dear Firelady,

Thank you for your wisdom and another beautiful photograph. I am surely trying to learn, adapt, accept. Most days I do fairly well with it, other days are more of a challenge, but that's just life. I have surely become even more compassionate towards others that I see as unwell, or sad.

I think I will read this often, thanks a thousand for this!



Amen to that, Firelady! (nice view, too!)

Hope you are feeling even better today!

Hi firelady, that is so ture !!!! The things they we go through do make us makes us learn to be a better person , and to make better self choices of our situations / concerns on daily base . Am 44, and believe me -with the thigs that i've been through , my out look on a lot of stuff has totally changed me from the person that i use to be!!! LOL Well every person has to make their on judgement of how to conduct theirself and the experinces that they go through, for the good or the bad of things . .... Beverly L.

Hello Firelady,

How are you today? Hope you are well.

Hello firelady,

Thank you for the wisdom in your words as they express life to a tea and what happens and how life must carry on and such a beautiful picture you've added....the colours are just so relaxing.

Love Terri xxx

for the beautiful words.

Wishing you a good, pain free day, firelady!

Beautiful and comforting photo

Hello firelady,

How are you feeling in your health today? i hope things are getting easier for you and your mom with your dad coming out of hospital.

All my love Terri xxx