Ssdi / ssi

So I have mentioned in older comments and post that my SLE effects my life in everyway… and now after my second car accident in a short period of time from forcing myself to get up and go to work weak, nauseas, trembling, and having heart palpitations (amongst other issues). I decided with the encouragement of friends and family to get some outside help financially, because its now putting me/others in danger. I am nervous from reading stories of how difficult it is to get govt. help and I would like if some of you could share your stories whether good or bad on getting ssdi or ssi. I got some professional help (legal aid) to see if I have a case and they accepted it and are going to help me take the steps I need for things to fall through. That made me feel a little confidant hearing from a professional there is a chance and I called ss to find out my credits and I also got some positive feedback that I have something to work with. 0_o… Idk I have mixed emotions … ???

I think you're moving in the right direction. Its not an easy process, and it takes time for some, and not for others. Do you have a doctor who is in your favor? That will will be your biggest ally. Good luck, and be patient.

I think one way is if your doctors are suggesting it to you. All my doctors had brought up to me about why i was not SSDI. I personally felt a lot of shame about it and decided until i really needed it financially, i would not apply for it.

The fact you are upset and sounds emotionally upset from your recent car accidents, you might go get some therapy first to see if they can help rid you of the worries and other symptoms which sound a lot like stress or panic attacks from stress. Makes perfect sense since just being in 1 accident can send people into uncertainity and worry..but 2 in short wonder you are stressed.

Plus going to a counselor can be excellent place to get to positive and negatives about being on SSDI and not working. Not supporting yourself you can lose a lot of self esteem. All my doctors did encourage me to keep working for as long as possible because it gives purpose to one's life which helps with our self esteem. They were all this day i wish i could work and support myself so very much.

Plus, any counselor who has worked or knows people on SSDI will know the pros and cons of having it as your insurance which there are some things..limits who you can see. The doctor must accept it. But with all insurances that can be an issue to some degree. I don't the insurance i have privately, I never yet had a doctor not take here on the west coast in all 3 states.

As to applying for it, you can contact Social Security and they can tell you exactly how much you will make monthly, what your benefits will be etc. They also can tell you locally who can assist you with attaining it legally. It does not need to be a lawyer.

But i really hope you go and discuss this with your doctors, plus a professional therapist as well. Really make sure that it is something you sincerely feel you cannot work no matter how much you might want too or needed some extra money it just is not something you could be able to do. Plus, you might want the higher income and better health care offered by your work or other employer. It just should not be taken lightly but looked at from all angles at what is best for you and your health....I am very sorry about the two accidents...hopefully not your fault so other person can pay for counseling and any other health care you might have needed. Either way, i wish you the best.

I think you are definitely making the right decision also. My SLE really started becoming troublesome for me several years ago, 2007, but I was denied benefits. I reapplied in 2010 and then withdrew my application (I chickened out basically) this past November 15 I finally went to see a disability intake worker at the local social security office and filed again. I was approved in 4 weeks which is usually unheard of and I am collecting retroactive money from May 2013 which SS decided that I was eligible for benefits and now I have a monthly check and I can rest when no need to and the stress of work is long gone. Be persistent make sure your doctors are supportive and always keep your appointments for documentation and the very best of luck and God Bless.

I really think it has a lot do with your age. I was 44 when I applied and was denied and then denied again at reconsideration. I'm waiting on a hearing now. Ss determined I'm unable to do any of my past work but I can work. ss agrees I have sle but it is not severe enough to meet their criteria. I've also had lung cancer and suffer from severe long term side effects from chemo...memory loss, neuropathy, slow processing. My federal government disability retirementswas quickly approved. All this being said I would definitely apply. And definitely make sure you have dr support.

Thanks everyone for your feedback it is very helpful and reassuring for me. When I called the social security to make an apt and start a claim He gave me advice on how the process goes, but also seemed to agree that I should be applying for it. As for my doctors I have a whole week filled with appointments and I am going to speak with them all about the steps I am taking to get financial help because even if I work part time there is no way I would be able to survive on it, but at this point I cant even hold a part time job. So we'll see how this goes.. The guy from social security sent a email to get me an appt ASAP because the office in my area was not taking appt, but they literally sent me a letter in two days with an apt date. I also have 7 out of the 8 credits I need by age 30. So Maybe that's a good sign. I have the legal aid working with me just in case I do get denied I already have someone to back me up and has knowledge of my situation. I really wish I didn't have to get help, but unfortunately I need to if not I wont have a roof over my head, or food. Fingers crossed!

Have you thought about just applying on line? Get a good letter from your doctor stating your illness and that due to it, you cannot work. I applied on line and was approved in a month. Which like Annie said, is unheard of. However, I am 53 and have worked since I was 16. Now have my employer disability and SSDI. I make too much with those to get SSI. Actually, I make what I was making when I was working.

There is a different set of rules applied for people over 50 than for people under 50. My attorney told me it is much easier when you are over 50 to get SSDI. SS belives people under 50 can be more easily trained to do a new job.

Ssi is for people who ddon’t have enough work credits but you can get both I appliedfor ssad got in 6 months they also have a program called ticket to work. I worked for 7 months earning at my full capacity I have now decided to retire work part time I can make 1040 dollars a month along with my sad I’m very greatful. My worker at nj disability told me I was approved quickly because I stayed on top of my doctors I made sure that they provided the information that was requested by those that evaluate the case and I also kept every appointment that was requested by S’s you’ll get what u need I’m praying for you and anyone else in our position. No longer fearful I’m faithful

I had to take a disability retirement from my former job at age 44. Part of the process was to apply for SS benefits and the company paid for it....they are a major oil company and can afford it. I was approved on the first try and have been receiving my benefits since then.

My health has only gotten worse and I have been in and out of the hospital...even died once and was put on life support. There is no way that I can work again and I am 51 now. I started working when I was 15 years old and have paid into the system for many years....I know that I have EARNED my benefits and do not feel ashamed or bad for needing them now. My DH is still working and we don't have any children. We haven't abused the system and are honest people.

Prayers for a positive outcome.....we shouldn't have to apologize for being sick!


I was in my 40's when I got my SSDI. I was denied first, then I got a Soc Sec approved lawyer and it was approved then without having to go to court. You may work part time but you have to make sure how much you are allowed to make. There is no shame in being on disability. There will be people that may try to place shame on you but I would just tell them that you don't judge them in any way so please don't judge you as they can not understand what it is like for you or any of us. Stand strong! Prayers and good luck!

I worked 15 yrs after diagnosis with SLE with many hospitalizations, short term disability episodes etc. Lupus nephritis refractory to treatment & destruction of my red cells almost required stem cell transplant. I required IV Cytoxan & high dose IV steroids that made it impossible to work. Luckily my work applied for permanent disability & received it on the first try. I had to wait 2 yrs for Medicare & pay $700/mo Cobra premium. Sounds like you are on the right track. Your Rheumatologist will be important to document why you can't work Good Luck

What ive learned from my experience filing for disability is they won't take your claim seriously if you're still working even if its the miniscule amount they say your allowed to and still file for disability, this was told to me by the SSD office... .your age plays a huge part in if a case worker bothers to open your file, they see early 30s and under and most likely won't take the diagnosis seriously because hey we're young and couldn't possibly be that sick.. September 24,2013 I got my 3rd denial stating I would be waiting a maximum of 475 days before my case was to be presented to a judge.. well unfortunately im so severe that my dr couldn't guarantee id still be alive by then so i had to plead this to my lawyer in person and fortunately she got everything done within 6 weeks!she was appalled I was even denied once with the amount of overwhelmed medical testimony, diagnosis, and poor prognosis that I have but was getting denied. She was very honest and insightful on the whole application process and told me straight out clearly NO ONE opened my file because of my age and the SLE diagnosis. She explained how it's all up to whos desk your file lands on and how compassionate that person is... I started filling in October 2012 by myself while i was still working and aquire 2 denials . I finally stopped working in April 2013 and hired Binder and Binder to represent me, it was soooooo much easier than doing it by myself! So when I was approved it was from April when i stopped working and then I was considered disabled not from my original application 6 months before... i definitely suggest hiring a lawyer because this process is very stressful and daunting and can definitely add to the decline of your physical, mental and emotional health. So good luck and best wishes!!