Specialist appt. cancelled because of sandy Nov 8th please vome quickley

Have you ever wished, when a day went wrong
a wish that’s quite in vain
that it were only possible
to live that day again

You’d start out in the morning
with the prayers you should have said
and through the days your actions
with tolerance be led

The many little instances
that tried your patience, true
if only you could start again
you’d know now what to do

You’d kneel and say your evening prayers
and thank the lord above
for all the pleasant hours past
your heart at peace with love

But since this is a wish in vain
and never can be true
there’s only one alternative
just one thing you can do

To live today in such a way
that when tomorrow comes
the memories of yesterday
will all be cherished ones.

Hello Linda,

I'm truely sorry about your appointment being cancelled through SANDY....and i really hope everything picks up for people so life can get back to some sort of routing...such a pure shame for so many.

How have you coped in general with it yourself and hows your health besides now.

Love to you Terri :) xxx

I feel your pain. I had an apt on Monday. Got up before the sun and drove 3 hours through Sandy to arrive on time. My apt was cancelled. I was frustrated and disappointed. Took a big breath and settled in. Turns out, that day was just what I needed. Rest. My doctor saw me the next day.

Hey Linda!

I know how you feel. I had an appointment with my rheumy on Oct 30th, but because of Sandy, it has been cancelled and I've been fighting to get my appointment re-scheduled. They kept telling me that they'll call me back, but i've been calling everyday to see how things are going and they decided to book me for January 8th, to see my Rheumy and I'm suppose to see him every month until stated other wise.

I hope things are well on your end!

-Julie <3

Hello Linda,

How are you feeling in yourself?...plus have you heard anything since adding your discussion about an appointment for your rheumo.

Thinking of you Terri :) xxx