Special Diet?

I have lupus with skin and kidney involvement. I also have fibromyalgia, moderate raynaud’s, interstitial cystitis, horrible migraines, gastrointestinal issues (reflux, trouble swallowing, eosinophilic esophagitis) as well as cognitive and fatigue issues. I have really been focusing on diet lately, and I do think it makes a difference. First and foremost, I am cutting out gluten which I think helps some, but not enough. Also trying to focus on whole, nonprocessed foods to as much extent as I am able! and focus on organic produce and grassfed beef raw milk, pastured chicken and eggs, etc. Beyond that, I am confused as to what diet would be the most helpful to me. I’ve read about them all and they each have pros and cons.
Has anyone been helped by any of the following diets, and has one helped over another?
Paleo or primal
Auto-immune paleo
Specific Carbohydrate Diet
Anything else I’m leaving out.

Please let me know if anything has helped you!

I am a vegetarian, as are my family. It has really helped, especially with my intestines. I wouldn’t go gluten free unless you have first been tested. If you do, you may get a false negative. We do veg amd organic. We make a lot of our own food, like peanut butter, hummus, bread, mayo, and tortillas. I do know that lupus patients should stay away from alfalfa sprouts. I hope you find the diet that works for you.


If you have kidney involvement, go slow on the protein. There's a special diet that kidney patients need to follow if you want to research it on Google. I would say that sugar, white flour make my fibro pain worse, and dairy makes my IBS worse. You could also Google IBS diet and get guidelines there. I found my remedy for IBS when I started each day with a yogurt and a fiber tablet. That's my preference because Metamucil drinks make you bloat from the psyllium. I also take about 4 vitamin C or magnesium citrate capsules to keep regular. The best remedy for my fibro fog and cognitive problems has been either ginkgo biloba or ginseng. Both work for me. Some take both together. Kale and some other dark leafy vegetables are to be eaten in moderation if you have lupus, because of the sulfur in them. Egg whites also have sulfur, so they make some people with lupus sick if they have a sunny side up or over easy egg, but when you scramble them, as they are beat in the bowl and mixed around in the pan, the sulfur dissipates some. I've heard of all those diets, but I found that I had to pick and choose my own selections according to my own intolerances and my individual medical issues.You're right on about the organic beef, milk, chicken. I would add organic vegetables that have thin skins on them. You don't need to spurge for all organic produce. Things like citrus and avocados and other thicker skinned items, where you don't eat the skin, they are ok to buy non-organic. Seems like you have got a good start. Dark chocolate helps migraines, probably because of the caffeine in it. Grapefruit juice also helps migraines but so many have to avoid it if they are on certain medicines. Keep track of how you feel after meals, and then try each food in that meal separately if you got sick after that meal, so you can discover which foods don't agree with you.

Bon appetite!

I’m glad you posted this because I thoughtmaybe I was experiencing stomach issues because i had surgery on my small bowel in may. Now I’m thinking can it be the lupus? I’ve been concentrating on a good diet to alleviate bloating gas and pain. My doctor prescribed prev I’d 30 me 1 time a day it helped with the pain and the acid but I still am not regular. I am better than before I take a prebiotic and flax seed capsules everyday I’m trying to find my way with this diet but it has made me more health conscience. Good luck

Hi I have removed gluten I have less mind fog ,eggs because I am sensitive to them, dairy it causes acid reflux, I use olive oil and cold pressed sunflower oil other oils upset my stomach, I have followed paleo I like it a lot. Most processed food I have eliminated. Sugar is my weakness I eat paleo desserts and dark chocolate.
I know eating whole foods has taken stress from my body . I wish you well :slight_smile: